Release notes for 50138

Time for our first weekly build! In case you haven’t heard us talk about this on our live stream or read about it on our Steam community forums, in between our major planned updates (which are spaced out about once a month) we’ll be doing smaller weekly patches. The amount of content in these will vary widely, with many of them focusing on bug fixes and balance adjustments with smaller (or time critical) new features scattered within. This particular update see us making a pretty significant change to the way armor works and some anti-spawn camping additions, so we’ll talk … Continued

Release notes for 50130

Time for a fix build! This release doesn’t have any significant new features but it does fix a number of small bugs and annoyances we found in the bigger content update we made on Tuesday. This is part of our plan going forward – we’ll release smaller builds more or less weekly that will include fixes, balance changes and sometimes small new features. Every few weeks we will release one of our larger, pre-announced updates that will include more content and bigger feature and changes. Fixes: Rebuilt lighting for the Titan Factory map to fix some ugly smeared shadows (and … Continued

Desert Canyon Overview

The first Titan-mode map is Desert Canyon, a clash between Modern and Ancient forces. It is an asymmetrical map but with the same elements for both sides – catwalks, caves and open spawn areas, located on opposite ends of the canyon. Desert Canyon has a wide, central winding Titan path nestled between the canyon walls. Along one side of the canyon are elevated catwalks usually dominated by snipers. There is plenty of rocky cover littered throughout the map to provide a defense against attack from the catwalks. Both sides have close-quarters caves where creeps spawn, excellent for flanking and getting … Continued

Release notes for 50122

It’s time for our first content update since going live on Steam Early Access a week ago. We showed a lot of this stuff on our sneak peek developer stream last week, but now you guys get to experience it directly. Included here are some of the new features and fixes we’ve put in since our last release: New features: Match Invitations and Direct Joining – now you can use your Steam friends list via the overlay to invite friends to matches or join your friends in a match in progress. This is the first step in our plan to … Continued

Release notes for 50112

Just a few minor fixes and balance adjustments from our previous beta weekend build. We already have our first “real” update planned out and we’ll be giving you guys some additional information on that soon! We’ve also done a wipe of all player stats and inventories as part of our transition from beta to early access. Gameplay changes: Reduced damage for the Grenade Launcher at the outer portion of its blast radius. Will be making further grenade launcher adjustments in the future. Fixed a mistake where the Pickup Hell still had the same damage and fire rate as the basic … Continued

Special beta survivor armor set!

Scarred by crash bugs, dented by overtuned weapons, scuffed and scratched by countless UI quirks, the Beta Survivor Armor represents the spirit of the stalwart beta tester. This is not the shiny, spotless uniform of an aristocrat worn for fashion but the hardy, utilitarian gear required of one who has fought on the front lines of duty. Available only to the most dedicated and earliest of adopters, this armor wears its flaws for the hard won trophies they are! On a more serious note, this wasn’t something we originally planned on but the amount of work you guys put into giving us feedback … Continued

Beta weekend #2 wrapup

Wow. First of all, thank you all so much for joining us for Minimum’s second free beta weekend. We got a ton of awesome feedback ranging from balance suggestions, new feature ideas and bug reports. We’re still sifting through everything that’s come our way and we may not respond to every message individually (although we’ve already responded to a lot!) but rest assured we’re definitely reading them. It was really encouraging to see so many people enjoying the game and responding positively to us on Steam, Facebook and Twitter. For fun, here’s some of the most requested features from players over … Continued

Notes for release 50110

We’ve got a new release for you this morning! This one is focused on a few crash fixes and a short-term fix for some of the spawn-camping problems on the Titan Factory map. We’ll be making further changes to both maps to deal with spawn camping in a more direct way in future updates (and future maps!) Bug fixes: Fixed an issue where changing keybinds could sometimes cause the game to crash (or for players to be kicked) when tutorial messages were shown during a match Fixed an issue where certain characters in names could cause players to be kicked … Continued

Our first developer stream!

We’re going to be doing our first developer live stream on Twitch in a few minutes! We’re still getting the hang of streaming and sorting out our setup so expect a few bumps along the way but we’re pretty excited to be able to play the game and answer questions from you guys. Check us out on Twitch here:

Notes for release 50108

We made a bunch of improvements based on our feedback from the first beta weekend, focusing on bug fixes and polishing some of the more ridiculous weapons. We’ll keep making adjustments throughout Early Access alongside releasing cool new content for everyone to experience. Please feel free to send feedback to or to visit our Steam Forums to let us know there! Bug fixes: Fixed an issue where players would frequently crash when rotating from the Canyon map to the Titan Factory map Fixed an issue where players would sometimes freeze while rotating to the Canyon map Fixed an issue where … Continued