Steam Summer Sale! Minimum 50% Off

Minimum is now 50% off during the Steam Summer Sale! For those looking for some multiplayer action pick up a single copy or the team pack which includes five copies of the game! You have until June 30th to take advantage of this great deal and be a part of the growing Minimum community! Head over to Minimum over on Steam and get your copy now!

June Update (50184) release notes!

It’s finally here! The June update marks our first major content update since the quick one we put out for Memorial Day weekend back in May. Although we’ve done many smaller weekly updates in the interim, the June update represents the sort of content we want to release for Minimum as we carry the game through Early Access and toward our eventual full release on Steam. We’re so grateful to all of the players who’ve stuck with us so far and for all of the new ones joining us as part of the Steam summer sale. With that out of … Continued

Release notes for 50152

This is a smaller than usual weekly patch in preparation for next week’s big June update, but there’s a few important changes and fixes in there anyway. Next week we’ll see a lot more stuff, so stay tuned and get excited! Fixes: Fixed an issue where players would occasionally have their stats (experience points, levels, KDA, etc.) reset. Fixed an issue where an incorrect animation would play when jumping using the dash shotgun. Changes: There is now a maximum speed enforced for players. Building more speed (via weapons or armor) will not allow you to move faster than this cap. … Continued

Release notes for 50148

Another week, another weekly build for Minimum! This time we got in the much requested auto-balance and team switching feature, added a change to the way weapon leveling works and made some changes to the Healing Katana and the shotgun class of weapons. Changes: Added a new secondary ability to the Healing Katana. Instead of dashing, it now generates an AoE heal. It heals 50 flat health at level 1 and scales to 90 flat health at level 5. With a full set of level 3 armor 90 flat health is about 50% of your max health. Significantly increased the … Continued

Double XP Weekend

The Minimum team wanted to show a little community appreciation with a Double-XP weekend and a key giveaway! If you’ve already been crafting and battling, from Friday to Sunday night you will earn DOUBLE the XP. Thank you for all of your feedback and support so far! If you want to win a copy of Minimum, please enter our giveaway over the weekend! To enter the giveaway for a game key tweet the hashtag #PlayMinimum or Tweet #PlayMinimum Make sure you are following @PlayMinimumGame so we can contact you if you’ve won. Winners will be chosen on Monday! Enjoy the … Continued