Release notes for weekly build 50320

We’re steaming toward the end of Early Access and we can’t be stopped! Another week, another new build with incremental improvements and fixes. This time we’ve fixed some long-standing oversights in weapon balance numbers and unleashed a brand-new one for your block-scorching pleasure! Changes: [Balance] Plasma Launcher projectiles were dealing much higher than intended damage after being redirected using the alt fire. This has been corrected. [Balance] The Auto Shotgun was perhaps the biggest beneficiary of our recent move to client-side hit detection, and as such as received some damage reductions to compensate. [Balance] Adjusted Golden Creep positioning in Disaster … Continued

Release notes for weekly build 50306

This week’s build is a small set of changes on the surface but a whole pile of stuff underneath the hood to get the core of party matchmaking functional. There are a number of known bugs with party mode right now (which we’ll detail in the patch notes ahead) but we’re working diligently to get those sorted out. Be sure to let us know on the forums if you find any others! Changes: [Balance] Rail sniper is no longer too powerful for an alt fire – it is now exactly powerful enough to have one. The alt fire is a … Continued

July Update (50276) release notes!

We’ve made it to another major update! This time around we’ve got some new maps for you, including our prettiest map to date (and it’s not even quite finished yet!) and some reworks and revisions to your old favorites. We also have new devices to use, AI bots and seamless bot replacement! As I said in the post for our June update we couldn’t do this without the support and enthusiasm of all our Early Access fans. You guys have taken a big risk on us and we hope we’re living up to your expectations for us as anĀ engaged, productive … Continued