Update 1.1 is finally here!

Our first major content update since leaving early access has arrived! We’re really excited to be releasing some of the new stuff we’ve been working on and think that you’ll enjoy the new balance adjustments and prettier maps.

Titan Factory 2.0 sneak-peek part 2: In with the New

Core Goals for Titan Factory Overhaul The biggest goal for the overhaul was to bring Titan Factory in-line with the standards we set for the other levels – namely having the standard barriers and Power Cores as part of the design.

Titan Factory 2.0 sneak-peek part 1: Out With the Old

What is Titan Factory? Titan Factory 1.0 was the very first Titan Mode map we worked on after picking up the Minimum property from its original developers, Timegate. The level was in bad shape, largely unfinished and totally untested, a situation which makes sense given the unfinished state of both Minimum and Titan Mode at the time.

Sneak-peek of Zen Garden’s visual update!

While Zen Garden was already one of our better-looking TDM maps it still felt very uneven. Some areas were were too open, others too cramped. Dead ends served little purpose in the grand scheme of the level. We took Zen Garden’s visual update pass as a chance to also balance the level’s more serious layout problems.

Patch notes for weekly build 70404

More fixes! More tweaks! We’re continuing to gear up for our next big content update later this month and, in the meantime, we’re releasing weekly builds to improve stability and general usability. Keep an eye on our dev blog or join us for our weekly Twitch streams to see sneak peaks of what’s coming in our 1.1 update!

Sneak-peek of The Event’s visual update!

The Event is the next map on our visual update list and our core goals remain the same: reinforce the theme and increase visual fidelity to the same level as that of Path of Lanterns. As one of the game’s oldest maps there was a lot of work to be done!

Patch notes for weekly build 70400

More bug fixes and optimizations! We’re continuing to release our weekly fix updates to improve the Minimum experience while we work in parallel on cool new content for our upcoming October content patch.

Sneak-peek of Desert Canyon’s visual update!

Introducing a sneak peak at the visual overhaul for Desert Canyon! Paul, our environment artist, did a visual polish pass on Desert Canyon to bring it up to the standards he set down with Path of Lanterns. The main goals were to bring more color into the map and to reinforce and invigorate many of the visual themes already present.

Patch notes for weekly build 70392

This is another build focused on stability and bug fixing. A lot of the improvements are behind the scenes sorts of stuff that should improve the experience for everyone (though not being as sexy as new features). Though all our builds will continue to include additional fixes, we’re getting closer to the release of some new content as well that we’ll be teasing for you in a blog post later this week.

Developer live stream today!

We’re doing another of our weekly live streams today! We’ll be talking about new fixes and changes in this week’s build as well discussing our roadmap for additional features for the rest of the year! The stream will start at 4PM PST / 7PM EST / 11PM GMT.