A bold new suit of armor takes center stage!

April 1, 2015


Have you ever found yourself deep in midst of a heated battle in Titan mode, fighting hard for every block and shard, only to realize that there just aren’t any armor choices that suit your lifestyle? There are armors for firefighters, armors for commandos, even armors for astronauts, but perhaps there just isn’t anything that captures your unique combination of gravitas and regal bearing?

We here at Human Head Studios have heard your carefully measured, eloquently delivered missives and responded in the only appropriate way: by providing you with The Emperor’s Suit of Arms.

This is not your typical armor set. Gilded in the finest blocks and polygons the world of Minimum has to offer, this is not simply a utilitarian set to be chosen for its incredible stats but a statement about who you are and where you stand in this world.

The Emperor’s Suit of Arms will be available for a limited time for unlock via standard blocks. Join us, dear block brethren, in the dawning of the age of the emperors!

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