Beta weekend #2 wrapup

May 12, 2014


First of all, thank you all so much for joining us for Minimum’s second free beta weekend. We got a ton of awesome feedback ranging from balance suggestions, new feature ideas and bug reports. We’re still sifting through everything that’s come our way and we may not respond to every message individually (although we’ve already responded to a lot!) but rest assured we’re definitely reading them. It was really encouraging to see so many people enjoying the game and responding positively to us on Steam, Facebook and Twitter.

For fun, here’s some of the most requested features from players over the course of the weekend. Keep in mind that this list is not a direct reflection of our current development efforts but we do treat this list as a very serious indication of the things you guys are interested in. We’re going to be prioritizing most of the things on this list along with our bug fixes and existing in-progress features.

  • Steam party/join support – We knew that this would be a big-deal feature and it pains us that we don’t already have it ready for you guys, so we’re going to be working very hard to get this up and running as fast as we can.
  • Borderless windowed mode – We use this all the time in other games so we know how useful of a feature it is. Will see what we can do to get this in.
  • Unlocked framerate – Lots more people than we expected using 144Hz monitors! We’ll take a look at unlocking the 120FPS cap.
  • Toggleable motion blur – This feature can lead to headaches and motion sickness in some users so we’ll be looking to make this something you can disable individually rather than as part of the other quality settings.

In addition to this we’ve had some common gameplay feature requests that we’ll also be taking a long look at. Some of these include:

  • Leaver punishment – This is pretty common in MOBA-style games and it’s something we’ll be looking at closely in the near future. We know it sucks to have people abandon a losing match. One thing already in the game is that you don’t get your exp and material rewards if you leave a losing match! We’ll try to communicate that more clearly.
  • Better spawn areas – The Titan Factory in particular can be pretty brutal if one team gets ahead. We made some emergency changes during the weekend but we’re already in the process of a more comprehensive overhaul of how you spawn in Minimum.
  • Improved weapon feedback – Particularly things like sound FX when your shots hit a target and better 1:1 tracking of particle FX and trails with hitscan weapons (I’m looking at you Rail Sniper!)
  • Shotgun improvements – We hear you! The shotguns overall need some work, even though they can be quite strong they don’t necessarily feel strong.

Thanks again for all your time with our game, and look forward to a special post a little bit later today with some special goodies for you!

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