Beta Weekend #2

May 6, 2014

With our previous beta weekend having wrapped up we’re excited to announce our second beta weekend starting this Friday (May 9th) at 8AM pacific time! This will similar to last weekend’s test in that it will last through Sunday evening and you’ll need a Steam key to gain access.

One big difference is that you can get your very own beta key right here on our site!┬áJust head back to the main page and enter your email address in the box provided. I think we’re also going to add a sticky-thing to the top of each page, so depending on when you read this you might be able to get one that way. The key will let you play Minimum as much as you like all weekend (or until we finally take the servers down).

We’re super excited to get more people trying out Minimum and to hear what you guys think. You can send bug reports as well as general feedback to _min-bugreports@ninerealms.net or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll probably also see us playing in some of your matches, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think right there in the game.

See you in The Factory!

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