Beta Weekend Wrapup

May 6, 2014


Our first free beta weekend for Minimum is complete and what a weekend it was. We had thousands of new accounts created and hundreds of people playing at any given time over the weekend. Some of you were really dedicated – we had a few people with more than 100 (!) games played over the course of the weekend. You definitely surprised us with your dedication!

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback already, some of it on bugs and a lot of it on general gameplay. We’re processing it all and making a lot of changes and fixes, here’s a list of some of the things we’re focusing on:

  • Grenade launcher – crazy overpowered! We’ve toned this one down a lot, both in terms of its overall damage and its effective radius.
  • Mini launcher – crazy underpowered! We bumped up the damage on this guy by a lot and we’ve got some ideas for a new secondary ability for it.
  • Turrets – much too strong when you consider all the utility they bring. We’re going to be making some changes to bring them down a bit.
  • Grenades – overshadowed by turrets right now, but we’re also going to be buffing them and making some adjustments so they’re easier to use.
  • Pickup Hell – too strong for the tradeoffs it currently has. We’re changing its passive ability (increasing dropped items) to a percentage chance that scales with your weapon level.
  • Shotguns – shotguns feel weak across the board. We have a bunch of ideas for improving them but it’ll be a longer term project.

Bug fixes are also in the works for the crashes and login troubles people experienced. A lot of our login problems were due to Steam’s web API being down for several hours on Friday and Saturday so we’re making a lot of under the hood improvements to better handle those errors and communicate them to you guys.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and we hope you had a great time. We’re going to be doing another beta weekend soon so that we can test out all the changes we’re making based on your feedback.

See you in The Canyon!

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