There are two kinds of crafting in Minimum: Schematic crafting and Blueprint crafting.


Schematics are used to create powerful new items like weapons, devices and upgrades (for your weapons and devices, naturally!) You create them using various materials gathered while playing match-made games based on the sorts of play styles you prefer.

Are you a fan of the Plasma Launcher? Perhaps you would like the Grenade Launcher even more! Or maybe you want something a little more fire-and-forget like the Homing Plasma Launcher, or a weapon with more area of effect oomph like the Fork Launcher. Is speed your game? The Mini Launcher might be right up your alley!

Once you’ve crafted a new item from a Schematic it stays with you forever. You can choose to bring it into a match with you, or leave it by the wayside for a newer, fresher weapon you craft later. Or perhaps you’ll choose to craft upgrades for your favorite weapon. Whatever your flavor there are lots of Schematics to explore and experiment with to find what works best for you!

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Blueprints are similar to Schematics in that they unlock the ability to craft different items. Unlike Schematics, however, Blueprints are used to craft items while you’re playing a match! You’ll need to collect the proper materials to create these items by achieving objectives in-match: killing enemies, destroying structures, farming Creeps and other activities will yield the materials you need to increase your success.

In Minimum your character starts off with whatever gear you bring into the match, but as you play you’ll be able to craft armor to add new abilities and increase your effectiveness. Want to quickly reach high sniping positions? Craft some leg armor that adds double or triple jump! Want to be a vicious assassin? Craft a helmet that gives a major damage boost while sacrificing some of your health and combine it with boots that gives a burst of speed upon killing an enemy. Want to be an un-killable tank? Craft body armor with lots of health and defense and the cost of slower movement.

Over the course of a match you’ll make strategic decisions about what skills and stats will best aid yourself and your team and craft the armor that best suits your situation. You can even continue to upgrade your armor pieces to eventually reach their ultimate form. By the end of a match, skilled players will have become powerful fighting forces not to be trifled with!

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