Desert Canyon Overview

May 29, 2014

The first Titan-mode map is Desert Canyon, a clash between Modern and Ancient forces. It is an asymmetrical map but with the same elements for both sides – catwalks, caves and open spawn areas, located on opposite ends of the canyon.

Desert Canyon Overview

Desert Canyon has a wide, central winding Titan path nestled between the canyon walls. Along one side of the canyon are elevated catwalks usually dominated by snipers. There is plenty of rocky cover littered throughout the map to provide a defense against attack from the catwalks. Both sides have close-quarters caves where creeps spawn, excellent for flanking and getting behind enemy entrenchments.

Spider Creeps

In addition to the normal Spider creeps that inhabit the caves, there is a Golden Super Creep that will wander around the map worth far more than the average Spider creep. Once it spawns, both teams better act quickly before it runs away – it’s very fast and tough to kill, but the reward can swing the balance drastically.

Golden Spider Creep


There are two main strategies to control Desert Canyon – the high road and the low road.

The first obvious strategy is to control the catwalks. Height advantage is an important part of any shooter, and the catwalks are the highest parts of the map. They provide a good vantage point over the central path, locking down most of the enemy team’s movement.

Both spawn areas are also overlooked by the catwalks, which will be important to lock down during a final push. If the defending team is allowed to regroup, they have another chance to take the game next round.

The counter to this is to use the caves to flank the catwalks and approach from a position of cover, since there are multiple lifts placed all along the catwalks. In addition, there are a few weapons specially designed to allow unfettered vertical movement, precisely to take the high ground where you’re least expected. Shotguns and Katanas are especially useful in the restrictive caves.

Another benefit of controlling the caves is that you should be able to gain an advantage when farming creeps. Securing the caves means you get secure flank movement, as well as safer and more efficient creep farming. Powering up your Titan is central to winning any Titan mode match, since a fully powered Titan is nearly unstoppable.

Desert Canyon’s loose asymmetry means both teams have similar yet unique strategies, while its spacious design and flank routes make it difficult for either team to firmly lock down the catwalks.

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