Adjust the rest it's a little too soft at a little

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    Adjust the rest it's a little too soft at a little bit more be slapped it's a little too art any at a little bit more sweet almond I am or maybe a little bit Chedepending on what you want and it will pan out just 0whisker with the essential oil but not a whole lot she can test your recipe to get just the way you want I'll mention one thing here though that if you do that if you decide to select week a recipe either this one or one you find on the web make sure you keep track of how you are tweaking not just simply that oh I'm going to throwing a little bit more be slats is the next time you go to make it you all you know the two ounces is lax isn't enough but you don't know exactly how much again on your last recipe so way it helped don't just want to wing it because then wrap you doing it replication becomes difficult for future Derma breast lift

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