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    Ive posted some of these on the steam forums, Just posting them here to see what others think and if you guys want to add feedback to what I have to say. Feel free to add your own suggestions too!

    map 1: SKYLINE (TITAN)
    This map is a massive, bioshock infinite looking map.
    Air balloons fly across the map, offering vantage points to damage a titan with, while these same balloons produce both flying and cube creeps. Flying creeps look like cube creeps, only with propellers in top of their heads on small exhaust pipes tucked on the sides of the body frame where the legs would normally be. These creeps drop floating titan charges that will collect in bundles. (the titan charges will float towards one another) The map has reduced gravity, and certain areas higher up on the map will damage the player of oxygen starvation. So no camping on the roofs of the flying buildings! Most buildings are connected via massive bridges weaving in and out and over each other. certain bridges actually make up the walls the flight titans have to bust down to sink that side of the city (win the game).
    Just a short explanation of it

    This titan map is a flood map. The map is really straight forward, (similar to disaster zone, only not as much on the side of the titan lane, most of the map is positioned upward) the only way to get out of the titan's path is to go up. Along with avoiding the dam water. The titans have to destroy the other's dams in order to win. behind the dams though, are massive water reserves that sweep away players (and usually drown them!) along with severely damaging or killing the titan. This makes the game mode a little fairer on this map, to keep a titan from plowing thru the gates on the second time its out. Creeps spawn on the spire buildings above the floodwater zone. On the roofs of them actually. The team wins when both dams are broken, all the water from the enemy team is emptied out, and the titan has reached the opponent's power generator. Kinda like "The floor is lava"

    Horde mode stuff:
    Dinosaurs. Robots.
    On the minimum website, there's plenty of art of dinosaurs, smaller minion looking guys, and plenty of unused titans, (one with four arms, another with a ball-and-chain, another knight looking one) along with what looks like a sewer or some sort of engine room map. (maybe its a clocktower?) <- Cloaktower = Good. (with proper execution)
    Theres a spider looking titan with a turret on its back, and another pure spider titan (Im using 'titan' loosely, as Im not sure what else to call them) Theres also a couple' of mech looking titans, along with large player models and smaller robot or creep variations. While mose of this is just artwork, They seem cool enough to be put into the game, whether its horde mode, titan, or other game modes. Dinosaurs and robots seem like a good idea for a horde mode. Perhaps a sort of jungle map (massive of course, I know i have a thing for big maps, but its a horde mode. It needs to be a big map to be fun!), with excavating robots fending off masses of dinos, or vice verse. This might even lead to a twin-horde mode, one team must take out the other! But back to a normal horde-style, I'd say a jungle or even a frozen forest type map. as for the mobs, Dinosaurs all the way, with a slew of other crazy creatures, like those arachnid titans if possible.

    new take on the 'point conrol' type of gamemode.
    The way it works would be theres 5 pillars for a team to control, and a certain number of points is gained from however many pillars your team controls. Points are gained continuously, with one exception. Theres also a flag in the gamemode, and teams need to have the flag in their possession to gain points. If no team has the flag or the flag is dropped, no points are awarded. I think this would work best on a urban, abandoned skyscraper type map, (if you've ever played Blacklight: Retribution, similar to the Vertigo map) Where if you fall off the building, you dead. There would be multiple sorties to each building, with wide bridged connecting each one. Four skyscrapers, each holding a pillar, with one pillar in the middle, and the flag with it.

    Ideas for weapons:
    Icicle Spear: Can be thrown at a player to deal hefty damage, (secondary fire) which can then be retrieved from the ground of where ever it has landed. Upon hit it deals a slowness effect to a player. It's normal melee hit would be significantly less than a katana, but with a longer range of effectiveness.

    Ice pick: Acts in similar fashion to a katana, except its secondary fire allows you to cling onto a wall and potentially climb up it with the right combo of jumping and right clicking.

    Nitrogen Cannon: This weapon is swung over the player's shoulder, sort of like a rocket launcher. It rapidly fires Ice projectiles that slow and deal damage to enemies. Its secondary fire charges the weapon and fires a quick burst of projectiles in a circular fashion around the player, the number of these increasing as the weapon levels up. It's damage should be about 90% of the bullet hell's, the rest going towards the slowing effect that pertains to the ice class of weapons.

    PART 2 of Nitrogen Cannon:
    It was discussed adding some form of weakness to a titan in a way. Instead of having a straight up anti-titan weapon, this weapon could fulfill a more titan hindering niche. A blast in the right place from the Nitro Cannon could cause ice build up on a titan, slowing its movement, or if shooting the ice, deal extra damage to a titan. If you shoot the ice enough, it breaks, returning the titan to normal speed. The slowdown of the titan would decrease its ability to land a proper attack, giving a slight upper hand to the titan who's not frostbitten.

    Cryogenic Grenades: These bad boys will stop stop targets dead in their tracks, unable to move, or jump; although they can still shoot and swivel the player's character. The grenades themselves would deal minimal damage, but have an extensive area of effect (really really really big). The same would apply to the Cryomines, next to no damage but massive area effect, the only difference being thrown or placed. Thus leaving it mainly up to a player or turret to deal with them. Also: Fire melts ice. Perk to the upcoming flamethrower weapon I've heard is in development, unfreeze players.

    Player controlled turrets. tossed like a minigun turret, only player controllable. Comes in a laser and bullet variation.
    It was also brought up to have these turrets prebuilt into a map, ready for a player to hop into. These would be built to match the ascetics of the map, similar to anti-titan turrets, only player controlled and more built to anit personel. Possibly even turrets that can follow a player around

    A shield. Yes I know, Its a shield. It only guards from the front, and is impervious to bullets, but not splash damage. It takes reduced splash damage (50% reduction) and a 90% reduction of melee damage. It covers most of the player's body, revealing only a small part of the head and the shins area. The shield can bash other players to deal damage, only around 50% of a katana's slash. The secondary fire of the shield is massive knockback to whatever player is unfortunate enough to be in front of it.

    Alternate secondary fire: Place down the shield

    Toxic/Plague Weaponry. These weapons would deal very little damage up front, but have extensive elemental damage over time. Let me give you an example.
    Lets take the bullet hell, and give it toxic ammunition. It would only deal 30% of its damage up front. (so if the BH dealt 100 damage, it would only deal 30). BUT the toxic comes along, and deals another 40% of that total original damage periodically along with a screen blurring effect. "But that's only 70% (70 points out of 100) original damage of the thingy! Wheres the rest of it?!" That's where the plague part comes in. The Plague effect is activated by a player's movement. The more you move, the more potent the effect is. it can deal anywhere from 0-60% more damage dependent on how much you move. The plague effect can also be passed from player to player, within a certain vicinity. the plague effect is present for 10 seconds, (subject to change for balancing) and both it and the toxic effect can be nullified by the heal katana.
    So to make it easier to understand:
    A toxic bullet hell (not actual weapon, just for example)
    Deals 100 damage if it were normal rounds
    since its toxic, it deals 30 base damage.
    with 40 of toxic damage
    and somewhere between 0-60 of plague damage.
    so in total, it can deal 130 damage under optimal conditions.
    -Heal katana can nullify toxic and plague effects.
    -Movement can nullify plague effect
    -Plague can spread between players

    Alt fire for bounce gun: Similar to ninja jump katana, Except upon jump, a massive explosion is released dependent on how much ammo is left in the weapon's mag. More ammo = bigger explosion. This empties the bounce gun's mag, and disables it for 4 seconds, excluding an elongated reload time.
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    What about cosmetics? for example capes, shirts, etc
  3. Awpteamoose

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    In general, I think that there should be more wacky devices and weapons that can make the battlefield a bit more chaotic. I've not played too much, but it seems like when titans go against each other - it's just two lines of people on opposite sides, shooting each other.

    So, here are my ideas:
    1. A harpoon-like weapon, main fire deals minor damage and pulls the victim towards you by a bit, alt-fire lets you fire like a grappling hook at walls and propels you towards wherever you hit for as long as you hold the button. Leveling it increases firerate (so you can keep hitting the same person and bring them closer and closer), increases the length it pulls, increases the speed of alt-fire pull and reduces its cooldown.
    Because you know, every dota-like game must have a Pudge hook.

    2. A device that lets you instantly switch positions with a targeted enemy and also gives you some incoming damage reduction for a few seconds after so you can either kill someone or get away. Would be cool if it could also target friendlies to let you save teammates.

    3. A giant hammer weapon, main fire functions as a normal melee and alt-fire sends like a fissure through the ground, doing heavy damage to those standing in its path and knocking them up in the air. The thing is that the fissure is somewhat slow and has a limited range, but goes through walls. It would be cool if a level 4 or level 5 hammer would make grounded enemies jump on hit after the first attack.

    4. A device that lets you teleport a short distance. You know, LoL's Flash, DotA's Blink Dagger, HoN's Portal Key, etc etc. Probably make it go a short distance if you have been hit recently and a longer distance if you haven't. If you could fine-tune the distance by holding the key and moving the mouse up and down, kinda like in Smite, that'd also be pretty cool.

    5. A device like UT's teleport disc, you throw out a beacon (that can be destroyed) and pressing the button again teleports you to its position after a short delay. A device for those who like to have their weapons leveled and are willing to sacrifice potential offensive capabilites of their device for added safety.
  4. Sonitorum

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    While more Devices would be cool to see, I wonder what's gonna happen with the craftable Deployables and Structures. A LOT of Device suggestions could be used to develop the Deployables or Structures.
  5. Goldenspacebiker

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    Perhaps a respawn beacon sorta thing. If you die, instead of spawning at a container, you'd spawn by your respawn beacon. The beacon could be destroyed, and you could only set on per life
  6. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    Oh look, your idea was so good that they instantly started making it!
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  7. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    Sweet, looks like the Cryo Detpack wasn't scrapped.
    I still think that the Spawn Beacon would be better off as a Deployable, though. Seems cheap to just throw such a useful tool down instantly rather than just take a few seconds to craft it like you do with Armors.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it looks like the Device can only be used once and it's destroyed. Maybe there could be a Deployable variant that allows multiple uses by all of your teammates.
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  8. Goldenspacebiker

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    Wait, there was a respawn beacon already planned before? W0w, I missed that big time
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    Why did u make a general suggestions thread in a sub forum for suggestions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  10. LebronJames

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    Why did you say booty at the end of that sentence?
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  11. Goldenspacebiker

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    Well, I wanted a place to put all of mine together and gain feedback, especially on the ice and plague weapons. It was also bit more organized this way
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  12. WingZero

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    i have to say, that idea of dino horde mode seemed really cool, especially when you mentioned the 2 teams pitching against eachother, maybe a way to send in more hordes by spending resources would be fun.
    i'm also 100% in favour of dino/arachnids it'll be a nice difference on the usual horde modes we've been seeing in loads of other games lately :)

    downside with massive maps is that everyone will switch to using sniper rifles i guess...
    it would be nice to have a few decent maps

    also: private games set up would be nice. custom games to play against friends etc.
  13. Spicy_Polatos

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    The melee suggestion is great, but maybe, as well as the shield idea, they should add blocking with the sword itself, a parry in other words. I reckon that'd be pretty cool, and then with these things added, they could possibly do a Katana gamemode.
  14. WingZero

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    considering the strength of the katanas, the layout of most maps and the gap closers i don't think katanas need a blocking mechanism, they'd grow too powerful as they're already really strong.
    the shield makes up for it by lowered damage and no gap closers.
  15. Spicy_Polatos

    Spicy_Polatos New Member

    Yea, I didn't really get into the specifics of how the parrying and such would work, but I believe it'd just add style and make the melee combat system more intense, rather than quick two slashes.
  16. Goldenspacebiker

    Goldenspacebiker New Member

    Rather than add a parrying ability to katanas, add a player ability to side dash out of the by double tapping their left or right movement keys. Double tapping right would somersault right, and left for left. So rather than over complicating swords, simplify the mechanisms against them.

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