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Discussion in 'Tips & Tactics' started by Awpteamoose, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    Hello, comrade!
    You want play Minimum, but your country is war and no food no money for get good computer?


    Not worry, comrade, I make solution!

    What does it do?
    Basically, I went through the config and turned off, reduced or disabled everything I imagined could have a hit on the game's performance. This is a few times worse than if you set your settings to everything on 1.
    The difference between Potato and Maximum Potato is that I set DynamicLights=False in the Maximum version. The difference is very much visible on screenshots below, but the FPS gain is worth it.

    1. Go to C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\my games\Minimum\MinGame\Config
    2. Replace the contents of MinSystemSettings.ini with either the Potato or the Maximum Potato config.
    3. Replace ResX=XXXX and ResY=YYYY with your resolution, replace DefaultFOV=FFFF with your FOV.
    4. Set MinSystemSettings.ini to Read-only.
    5. Go play! Wreck some lads with your unstopabble 35 fps, which is probably 30 more than you've had before!

    Everybody loves screenshots!

    Potato config 1
    Potato config 2
    Potato config 3

    Maximum Potato config 1
    Maximum Potato config 2
    Maximum Potato config 3
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  2. Tiblolan

    Tiblolan New Member

    Way to ruin the game with your HACKS
  3. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    It looks like crap.
    I love it.
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  4. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

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  5. methman28

    methman28 New Member

    what's next.. guide to use dev weps?
  6. EmBox

    EmBox New Member




    Good config moozki. It's like I'm actually playing on a potato.
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  7. 3REDRUM3

    3REDRUM3 Member

    Yeah Awpteamoose is a Russian Hacker XD
  8. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    It'd be cool if you could post the config on Pastebin or something, just so we can see and copy-paste it.
  9. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

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  10. TLaw122

    TLaw122 Member

    Awpteamoose i love u and your potato! :)
  11. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    Just tried this today, and I think I'll be playing more Minimum thanks to the Maximum Potato config. Thanks, man.
  12. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    I've just updated the config. I'd advise copy-pasting the new version if you're using it.

    Glad to help.
  13. Pug

    Pug New Member

    Thanks. This really helped. Now I get about 50 fps but in the menu it's still about 3-5.
  14. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    The UI is really slow in this game for some reason, no clue why so.
  15. Pug

    Pug New Member

    Oh, that explains it. I'll ask the devs about it.
  16. jwashenfelder

    jwashenfelder Human Head Staff Staff Member

    I am worried that setting your MinSystemSettings.ini to read-only could cause crashes. I've seen some crash dumps where teh game crashed because it couldn't find a specific value.

    What you REALLY should do is create a new file named 'UserSystemSettings.ini' at the top of that file put a line that say's


    THEN put all the changes to MinsystemSettings.ini you want into UserSystemSettings.ini and make MinsystemSettings.ini writable again.

    That way, the game will load DefaultSystemsettings.ini, then overwrite its values with the contents of UserSystemSettings.ini, and update MinSystemSettings.ini with the final values, so at the end of the day MinSystemSettings.ini will look the same, but not cause the game any problems.

    Let me know if you need help testing this or modifying your instructions awpteamoose
  17. Kill-Cam Celebrity

    Kill-Cam Celebrity New Member

    People with bad PCs actually run this game at higher than 14 FPS? WTF! Screw you, you stupid hacker awpteemoose! What is that, a moose spamming shots with the CSGO AWP?

    Seriously, good guide. This game runs, I didn't expect it to work considering 512x384 gave me a bad FPS but I now get a solid 30+ FPS on 960x720 or 800x600 depending on the map.

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