Being able to equip two of the same classification of weapon should be a thing.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LebronJames, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

    This issue is only really apparent currently on shotguns and katanas.

    I personally think it's really silly that you cannot equip two shotguns because the best mobility weapon in the game is the Speedy Shotgun hands down. Between the speed boost, and the super jump you gain a massive loads of mobility options for traveling the maps, and, dodging and flanking.

    It also opens up your leg armor slot to not have to berserker/paladin/samurai legs for movement speed.

    However the other shotguns (with the exception of the dash) do not fill a similar role.

    The Auto Shotgun is a great opener/finisher/kill weapon with no mobility options, and a ridiculously long reload time.

    The Taser Shotgun is a support weapon for denying areas, and supporting with the slows. It has extremely low kill potential, and again zero mobility options.

    Even the Dash Shotgun has a completely different function of use because it doesn't have the movement speed boost, but does have an incredibly useful gap closer.

    I think the game is extremely limiting my options to not be able to have both a Speedy Shotgun + A different shotgun because they are not effectively the type of same gun.

    The katanas are also suffering from this issue because taking the Heal Katana as a medkit for my allies denies my ability to use the Ninja Katana as a get-off-me button, and try to make my escape when playing super supporty.

    Or if I wanted to use the Inferno Katana for killing players, and use the Giant Katana for killing Titans.

    Why should I be limited in my decision making when weapon classification does not define the weapons uses?
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  2. methman28

    methman28 New Member

    Remove weapon limits, there is no unfair advantage of having two of the same weapon class equiped, rather than preference.
  3. Anotion

    Anotion New Member

    Norm covered this topic during yesterday's Dev stream, don't exactly remember what was said since all of that was pushed out from today's events.

    - starts at 1:21:06-ish.
  4. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

    I was the person who asked about it. I wanted to make my opinion more visible.
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  5. Anotion

    Anotion New Member

    Fair enough, wasn't sure if this was a subject that was shared between multiple persons since Lebronjames =/= Onetruejax, haha.
  6. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    I do agree, the special abilities make weapons of the same type very different to the point of wanting to use two weapons of the same type.
  7. Adastern

    Adastern New Member

    Yes I agree. I want this change for the same reason Jimmy does, namely Auto Shotgun/Speedy Shotgun.
  8. Anotion

    Anotion New Member

    While I see your guys points - I feel that HH is correct in this manner because of the potential combinations that could be quite snowball-y. Up to this point, the dev team has done a pretty good job (which I feel will continue forward with a soon to be nerf to the Explosive sniper) keeping the snowball down. Double shotgun loadouts would be pretty ridiculous; Tazer/Speedy, Auto/Speedy, Tazer/Dash.

    There's plenty of combos that could be unlocked to be quite huge in expanding mobility with the options of double shotgun, I think it's best to keep it closed - particularly stating the Auto/Speedy would essentially be using speedy to run around, get close and blow away anyone with a level five auto shotgun. Yet, as Norm said over the Dev stream; it was option to consideration.
  9. methman28

    methman28 New Member

    What duel weapon combo would be advantageous over just reloading the plasma launcher or explosive sniper lmao
  10. Adastern

    Adastern New Member

    The matter is that it's simply prohibitive and unnecessary. With the addition of more and more weapons, who's to say there won't be a Speedy Bullet Hell of some sort or some similar utility items like the Tazer Shotgun. In fact it's incredibly likely that those items will be created. And when they are and when the theoretical power of equipping both an Auto and Speedy Shotgun is made irrelevant by being able to have the relative utility of the Speedy Shogun but still paired with the Auto Shotgun, why limit the choice at all, when the effective exact same combination exists with simply one of the shotguns a different kind of gun? It's pointless.

    In another example, why shouldn't I be allowed to have a Bullet Hell and a Pickup Hell? The argument would be that you would have the benefit of the Pickup Hell without the lowered damage that comes with it, but I'm committing both my weapon slots to this combo, and the opportunity cost in itself should be enough of a balance. Why shouldn't I be able to have a dash Katana and the Jump Katana? Sure I could use a Dash Shotgun or a Speedy Shotgun in place of one of those, but I shouldn't be forced into it. Perhaps my armour choices are specifically geared toward melee, using a theoretical armour that increases melee damage but decreases bullet damage. Having options is just fun and interesting.
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  11. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    Removing the weapon restrictions will likely ruin Minimum's system of counterplay.

    EDIT: OK, so I admit that I pulled this reasoning out of thin air and have very little backing behind it. However, I've taken this topic into more careful consideration, and I'm still not in support of it due to some design-related issues that I don't see anyone expressing awareness for in this thread. I'll have a write-up for it done later, but I'm just posting this here just to show that I admit that I dun goof'd.

    Then again, it isn't exactly a bright idea to directly overlap weapons into one and shove it out as a new weapon. In fact, the idea of producing such weapons for the sake of making other combinations pointless just makes me cringe. I'm sure that person(s) involved in weapon tinkering are more focused on making unique weapons with different manners of approaching situations rather than just have "hybrid-weapons".
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  12. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

    I would love for you to elaborate on that thought because I would like to know how giving players more options to counter specific instances of play will some how in fact limit options to counter specific instances of play.
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  13. Tiblolan

    Tiblolan New Member


    The weapons are essentially skills that one would use in a regular moba and can give you a certain "role" in a proper team environment. There is no reason for this artificial limit of choices in my opinion
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  14. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

    All the more reason I should be able to equip two of the same classification of weapon because I shouldn't be barred from taking a shotgun if I want to have movement speed and a super jump.

    Or the Giant Katana if I want a medkit for my allies.

    Or the Bullet Hell if I want to creep better.
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  15. Tiblolan

    Tiblolan New Member

    And if the people involved are actively making unique weapons with interesting skills, whats the point of limiting choice based on 'gun classification', of all things? Its arbitrary and pointless.

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