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  1. Kpatch

    Kpatch New Member

    First off, whoo first post :D

    Okay down to business. Bows. They could be good for snipping and helping in destruction of the titan. The general basic of the mechanic would be simple for any bow in any game. The farther you pull the bow back, the more damage it would deal. In terms of travel time, I would say substantially faster than the plasma launcher, but could have the same velocity, maybe even more. I'm not good with the PL, so don't quote me on the velocity. Headshots would be allowed with this, but it would difficult to get them due to how the game is played. The alternate fire would be zooming, as it would create easier shooting, but is not needed if you're going close range.

    Now, like all weapons the upgrades

    1. Damage upgrade. This would allow the weapon to be slightly more efficient at what it does, maybe evolving into a one shot kill without armor on full charge, although that sounds OP now that I think of it. Suggestions on this would be quite nice. Aesthetically the bow would appear bigger, going from a normal bow to a long bow.

    2.Velocity Upgrade. This would allow the arrow itself to move faster, enabling it to get to farther places quicker. Aesthetically, the shaft of the bow would appear different, maybe glowing to show that "Oh my gerd this thing is different" or something along those lines.

    3. Fire. Welp, I'm fairly certain that this would is self-explanatory, but I like typing so I'll say it anyways. The fire would allow the user to not draw as quick as before to get enough damage, coupled with the velocity upgrade. Obviously the arrow would light on fire to show that we now unlocked this

    4. Duel arrow. You now fire two arrows. They're horizontal, so you actually lose some accuracy when it comes to shooting in a straight line. NOTE: These arrows do NOT act as if they're both one arrow. they still deal the same amount of damage as before and are on fire, like before

    5. Tracking. Before anyone raises a shitstorm, this is NOT like the homing PL. Let's say you and another person are face to face, about 100 meters apart. You fire your arrows. Seeing as there are no closer enemies nearby, it targets the player in front of you. If he steps to the side around halfway through, the arrows would slowly adjust to the target and get on track. If you moved out of the way halfway through a 100m shot, the arrows would be correctly adjusted by 90m. But remember they have the velocity upgrade so they can still hit you.

    Anyway, this was my idea, Hope everyone here likes it. As a sidenote, feedback is welcomed, like if you give me feedback and then come to my house, I'll give you a cookie :p
  2. Creator

    Creator New Member

    This seems like a good idea. My only issue lies with the upgrades. The tracking seems over powered, and it will be hard to define which player the arrow is going after. Maybe instead of homing, make it something like faster to a full charge pull. Another thing that bugged me was the Duel arrow. Why fire them horizontally? It makes more sense to fire them vertically unless the bow is being held sideways. Also, the upgrade could fire three arrows, but only the middle arrow does the full damage, like the bullet hell. Other than that, this seems like a good idea. I might draw/model some designs for it.
  3. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    Another idea for the secondary fire would be that it just depends on the nature of the weapon itself. If you have some Inferno Bow or something, the secondary can be to shoot an arrow that deploys a circle of fire; radius is smaller, DoT fire is much weaker, but the DoT fire also lasts for a longer period of time to prevent the enemy from escaping and regenerating his health quickly.
  4. Goldenspacebiker

    Goldenspacebiker New Member

    The tracking acts as a magnetic arrow, going after the source closest to it, but isn't influenced massively by its target. So it wont turn on a dime and smack a player, just slightly adjust its movement. As for horizontal fire, I'm sure it was just a small error.

    I think this would make a better secondary fire than the current zoom, make it more TF2 huntsman like, with its own minimum twist
  5. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    Unless it oneshots, what's the point of using it over, say, Rail Sniper?
  6. Banana Jones

    Banana Jones New Member

    SMNC called. Artemis wants her bow back.
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  7. Kpatch

    Kpatch New Member

    Thanks for the feedback! What Golden said is basically how it works so he saved me from having to explain it. (Thanks Golden <3) Also I thought the fact that if there are lot of people it might work as a counter to confuse them. Sorry for being unclear. And to answer your question, why the horizontal? Well to me it would seem that realistically it would be easier to have the arrows aligned. And what you said about the three arrows is wonderful. It would help with the magnetic part. I absolutely love it. And to hear you might do designs for it is amazing to hear. Thanks a bunch man.

    As I said, thanks for feedback! I LOVE YOUR IDEA. I wanted to have something like Inferno Bow, or something along those of lines, but didn't know how.

    All I have to say to you is <3 thanks for helping explain, it seems you grasped the idea fairly quickly xD
    Thanks for your question, it really made me think. Well after thinking and the recent posts, it would be medium range, with fire to stop attackers from continuing their assault on either teammates or the titan.

    Thanks everyone for all the feedback <3
  8. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    So because I'm intrigued by this, I made a list of possible Bows, ordered from highest damage rate to most utility:

    Quickshot Arrow

    * Primary Fire: You fire arrows at a faster rate than with any other bow.
    * Secondary Fire: You fire an arrow at a supersonic speed, piercing multiple targets in its path.

    NOTE: The secondary fire is hitscan, and runs based on a cooldown. Not exactly sure what the most reasonable cooldown time would be, though.

    Ember Arrow

    * Primary Fire: You fire an arrow guaranteed to pierce the most durable of armored cubes.
    * Secondary Fire: You fire an arrow that creates a circle of fire, burning all enemies that are caught inside of it.

    NOTE: The secondary fire's AoE radius is smaller than Napalm Grenade, and the DoT is less, but is slightly more spammable than the Taser Shotgun's secondary fire.

    Storm Arrow

    * Primary Fire: You fire a strong, heavy arrow that shocks your target, knocking him back a short distance.
    * Secondary Fire: You fire multiple arrows that send an ever-growing wave of thundering energy forward, knocking back multiple opponents.

    NOTE: Fires at a slower rate than the Ember Arrow. Secondary fire runs on a cooldown.

    Toxic Arrow

    * Primary Fire: You fire an arrow that, while having low power, poisons your target, temporarily disabling his ability to heal over time.
    * Secondary Fire: You fire an arrow that leaves a trail of toxic gas behind it, poisoning any enemies that pass through it.

    NOTE: The secondary fire trail has a limited length, can be the size of 2-4 spawn boxes in Desert Canyon depending on what exact number people think is more reasonable.


    Also, how would "reloading" work for Bows? Maybe it can have 1 arrow per "clip" to justify readying a new arrow to fire. Or it could just have unlimited ammo in a clip altogether; no arbitrary reloading necessary.
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  9. Creator

    Creator New Member

    Have you ever played borderland? Like maybe a digistruct arrow that comes into where the old arrow was at.
  10. ChA1NsAw

    ChA1NsAw New Member

    At least name it a crossbow.
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  11. Goldenspacebiker

    Goldenspacebiker New Member

    Why would it be called a crossbow if it is modeled as a bow and a bow was the original intent of the Author? So unless you have fairly good reason or can offer some constructive criticism, I see no reason to change the name
  12. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    The models seem interchangable for how these things function. The only difference between the Bow and Crossbow would be animations and weapon descriptions.
    and weapon models of course.
  13. Vulture7

    Vulture7 New Member

    Nice idea, but I just hope the model sticks to the futuristic theme of the game.
  14. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    If it's to be a Bow instead of a Crossbow, then it could easily just have a glowing bowstring or glowing arrows just to fit the whole pretty lighting motif of Minimum.

    I'm just imagining using Icarus Helmet, Berserker Chestplate, and Tactical Legs with the Bows, crouching for extra damage and having extra damage behind the back. It'll feel like playing Skyrim all over again.
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  15. Vulture7

    Vulture7 New Member

    Dunno, just seems like an "ancient" thing to use when you have rocket launchers and snipers. Though, realism aside, it's not a bad weapon idea at all.
  16. Banana Jones

    Banana Jones New Member

    Right, because Samurai, Knights, and Paladins are futuristic enough to warrant being in the game by your logic. I wouldn't rule it out specifically due to this.
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  17. Vulture7

    Vulture7 New Member

    Yes but there style fits to the game. And armor is armor by my standards. But guns are guns, and a bow isn't even a gun. But like I said, still a good idea.
  18. Kpatch

    Kpatch New Member

    And yet there are katanas.

    Also, Sonitorum, to answer your question before about reloading, It would be just one per, (aside from the idea of three but we'll count those as one for the sake of my sanity) and then like the other weapons, unlimited ammo (That's right isn't it?). So you don't have to worry about your supply, just right now.

    LASTLY: I was on vacation the past few days so I am deeply sorry for not getting back to any of you. I'm here now so it's all well and good
  19. Vulture7

    Vulture7 New Member

    I give up. Just going in circles.
  20. Kpatch

    Kpatch New Member

    The point I'm saying is that this game looks futuristic, but doesn't have the limitations that a normal game would have
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