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  1. Eclipse-Wolf

    Eclipse-Wolf New Member

    Since you mentioned bows, I'm thinking of a Knight's sword. No dual upgrade, it would just get more shiny and stronger.
  2. Eye GG Why

    Eye GG Why New Member

    As far as bows go I would like to see a grapple hook secondary that lifts you up because ever since I used the one in LP2 I have been looking for another game with a free shoot grapple in.
  3. Goldenspacebiker

    Goldenspacebiker New Member

    I came up with a grapple-like item on a suggestions thread I had made. (It can be found here: It fell under the category of melee and was classified as an Ice weapon. While you couldn't toss the grapple hook, you could jump up a wall, and right click to hang onto said wall, and could use that as a way of gaining height and potentially a sniping position in game. (when hooked onto a ledge, you are free to switch weapons. But if you wish to release from your perch, you must equip the Ice pick, then right click to fall or simply jump. You could also make this into a sort of climbing mechanic)
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  4. Kpatch

    Kpatch New Member

    How does bows remind you of a knight sword?
  5. Goldenspacebiker

    Goldenspacebiker New Member

    Medieval weaponry?
  6. Kpatch

    Kpatch New Member

    Eh, I guess
  7. WingZero

    WingZero New Member

    i posted this on the steam forums for minimum and somebody suggested me to pitch it here:

    So i came up with the idea for a Light bow.

    the way it would work is holding the left mouse button charges a shot and letting it go fires it.
    the right click would shoot an instant explosive arrow, this would help bow users to counter bunny hoppers etc
    probably give the explosive arrow a cooldown like the swords etc have.

    i say lightbow so you don't have to worry about projectile drop. the shooting rate would range between slightly faster or slower (depending on charge times) than a sniper rifle.
    the damage of the shots would have to make up for the differences.

    in my opinion this allows for the creation of a weapon that is on par with other weapons while adding a different play style to the game which could be really interesting

    as for upgrades, think of nocking multiple arrows (had a cool idea where after the 2nd upgrade or something you nock 3 arrows instead of 1 and the other 2 circle around the original shot to create a slightly larger hit field. the visuals of that would be really cool too see)
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  8. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    I referred Wing here just so he can throw in another idea as to how a Bow could actually work in the game.
  9. Kpatch

    Kpatch New Member

    That sounds good! Thanks for the input!

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