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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by rahkshi6100, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. rahkshi6100

    rahkshi6100 New Member

    Minimum should have a more diverse group of playable characters. For example, there could be races you choose from, such as Robots, SynthSnakes, Aliens, and Demons. Each would have a unique attribute and a detriment, while the default race (Human?) would have no attributes or detriments.

    Robot: Robots can take a lot more damage, but have a much lower jump and move more slowly.

    SynthSnake: A SynthSnake is far more agile and can slide up walls, but doesn't hit hard as a result. (A SynthSnake is a humanoid snake.)

    Alien: Aliens have a special tractor beam ability to draw people in, but they're far squishier and more easily killed than others.

    Demons: A Demon has the ability to either have two types of swords or two types of guns, but moves slower as a result.
  2. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    That sounds... absurdly unbalanced...
    And visually that would be a mess. The minimalistic art style already makes it hard to tell if you're playing as a human in the first place. I think different races would just make everything confusing for a the player and throw weapon balancing into chaos.
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  3. BadDecisions

    BadDecisions New Member

    This isn't an MMO... we don't need a bunch of different races. We already have enough gameplay options with all of the armor and weapon variety, most of which is still in need of balancing.
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  4. rahkshi6100

    rahkshi6100 New Member

    Okay, I made a bad idea.
    I just want a double jump...
  5. itisjustjeff

    itisjustjeff Member

    There is a double jump. Unlock Icarus legs. It allows you to double jump.
  6. TJ

    TJ Human Head Staff Staff Member

    no plans for this, our diverse player classes come from the armor

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