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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TJ, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    All of these games (except Quake Live) use lag compensation and Minimum did not. Also, all of these games are frequently bashed for lousy hit detection as lag compensation can't be perfect.

    The reason developers use serverside hitreg is not hackers (after all, you can hack even slow projectiles), but legitimate players with lousy internet connections. Without lag compensation, whatever they hit on their screen has to count as a fair hit on the server, so you can be dodging all you like, but on that player's screen you'd be standing still if it happens to be during packet loss. One player like that can ruin the experience for the whole server, but I say it wouldn't be such a big deal in Minimum, were it to happen at all. Also, the chance of it happening is much smaller in 2014 than 10 years ago, when HL2 was released, as decent internet becomes more accessible.
  2. Banana Jones

    Banana Jones New Member

    Client side hit detection more or less saved the game for half the playerbase.
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  3. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    For me, at the very least.
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  4. Eclipse-Wolf

    Eclipse-Wolf New Member

    I guess a bunch of people would die if they made titan explosions inflict damage
  5. Eye GG Why

    Eye GG Why New Member

    Now that we finally have client side nerf Giant Killer please.
  6. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

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  7. Pill_

    Pill_ Member

    Quake Live does use lag compensation, interpolation rather than extrapolation (as in CPMA) I believe.

    Also I'm not a fan of client-side hit detection, but then again, creating good server-side hit detection is very hard.
  8. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    Is this the place to drop suggestions on new guns, or only where to give feedback on existing guns?
  9. TJ

    TJ Human Head Staff Staff Member

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  10. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    Would this be the correct place to suggest changing the SFX of the shotguns so I can tell when I've fired them? And maybe vary the SFX of sniper rifles so I can tell which one is which based on audio. As a fan of shooters, knowing what's going on just based on sound is very important.
  11. TJ

    TJ Human Head Staff Staff Member

    yeah the shotguns sfx does need a little more oomph, as for the different sniper sfx, we could do that, but it would have to be something we discuss as a team.
  12. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    The current sniper SFX would fit the Cryo sniper well, but the railgun (ESPECIALLY) the alt-fire could do with something different. Not familiar enough with the auto-sniper to add anything there. If I've seen people use it, I couldn't distinguish it from the others.
  13. LordOfAdmirals

    LordOfAdmirals New Member

    Frankly I think that the tail snipers need a buff I was using one and I unloaded 5 shots into a guy and then he finally died this was a test where he was standing still and I fired into his head each hit and then he died plz fix

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