Ex its keep track of what you're adding

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    Ex its keep track of what you're adding help much measure carefully so here's the setup: before we get started we want to make sure that we've got everything we need to get started you can see our ingredients here we've got substantial oil we've got beeswax we've got this double boiler here I am week got are not double boilerHopley which were going to create a double boiler using hotness or pot got cocoa butter are all the holes are sheaf butter container so with I am everything that you need to be to you get started and one other things when you're when you making these products is weighing out to our ingredients very carefully so this isn't she abutter that's going on to a scale that accurate to attend announce here's the oil just measuring out into a little bit about to a little Dixie cups so it's easy to were Derma breast lift

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