fat Miami to take a pica some a little bit about avocado

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    fat Miami to take a pica some a little bit about avocado because I love avocados and I am going to put I got the shutout sites like that little pieces for going to put that hair my little makeshift salary bill making here coolkardasian I'm going to take a little bit K of on the everyone knows on the Battelle not there would probably kill right here okay it's really nice Gold Digger Software take a little Mack 10 drizzle it clearly appointee overstuffed K a little salt and then I got to decide to I want fried or baked I'm going to go with baked right now because I really showed you don't want to put Bay for me this is probably perfect amount I don ‘teat tons and tons approaching the more that that I probably about six after protein all fat crabs I got some veggies here the only thing I would switch out as the Senate tomatoes output cucumbers allotter Cotton’s and some nice fresh broccoli and look at that that’s a beautiful me on that you want to


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