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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Goldenspacebiker, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Goldenspacebiker

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    Gamemode 1: Domination/CTF crossover. Five nodes exist on a map, and a flag. Teams can capture nodes by standing within a designated radius of the node, and capturing it by standing for a certain amount of time within that radius. more teammates means quicker capture. In a normal DOM style gamemode, each node will give points for to the team whos captured it constantly until the node is won over by the other team, or the game ends. This is where the CTF portion comes in, and a form of nomadic shielding. A team can only gain points for the node's they've captured IF someone on said team possesses the flag. Nodes will lose team designations overtime if left unattended. Game ends when a certain score is reached, and team must win by a certain number of points. Essentially like this:
    Gamemode 2: Trojan Horse/Siege (This gamemode is very similar to Payload in TF2 or Siege in blacklight retribution) The core objective of the gamemode is to deliver a Titan (Randomly selected from all available titans in the game, if possible, or a unique titan) through a path to the other side of the map in an allotted amount of time. The titan cannot die, but it can be brought down temporarily by the opposing team. (Team 1 is escort, team 2 is defense) the titan will stay down for around 30 seconds, and each checkpoint must be reached in two minutes. If a checkpoint is reached before the two minutes are up, then two more minutes are added to whatever time remains.
  2. Nexle

    Nexle New Member of the map, pl0x?
  3. Goldenspacebiker

    Goldenspacebiker New Member

    For which gamemode? Because I haven't thought up maps for either, I was just putting out gamemodes.
  4. Nexle

    Nexle New Member

    I meant the design of the whole map itself (as in your layout in the picture), like obstacles, pathways, etc.
  5. Goldenspacebiker

    Goldenspacebiker New Member

    Like I said, its just a gamemode concept for the moment, I haven't thought up what a map would be like for either of the gamemodes I've suggested.
  6. Vulture7

    Vulture7 New Member

    I do like the ctf and domination crossover. It kind of seems like it'd be rather hectic, with people running from flags, to the capture nodes, back over the flag, meanwhile defending their own flag and own capture nodes.
  7. Arabella

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    Did you play Blacklight? :)

    I'd like to see more vertical combat in maps, I feel like the maps all are a bit flat...
  8. Goldenspacebiker

    Goldenspacebiker New Member

    Yes I do play Blacklight, (Can't wait for that new patch thats supposedly coming out), and I can agree to the maps being a bit flat. All too surface like, while the game is very much enjoyable with no massive issues; the map design could be improved. Now we aren't talking aesthetics of course, but the limitations of the map. Too flat is the perfect way of describing it.
  9. LordOfAdmirals

    LordOfAdmirals New Member

    problem with this is that the titans in this would need lower health because titans take forever to kill

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