Give an option to have a centered camera perspective

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  1. I find Minimum very interesting, reminds me on the old MNC days where I wielded my katana and stabbed people. Just like in the real world.

    But one thing disturbs me so utterly that I can't rest but have to write it down in this forum ....
    I hate hate hate hate hate an un-centered camera perspective. May it be Warframe (right shoulder) or Minimum (right shoulder).
    The option to set it to a centered perspective (Tomb Raider perspective, Hellgate:London) would make me a very happy man and this game an instant buy.

    You lose on the right side, you gain on the left side and you can play how you like it, no balance problems.

    Sorry for any inconvenience with my english, it's my second languange.

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  2. rahkshi6100

    rahkshi6100 New Member

    Looks very good! Good idea, sir.
    However, what I'd like is a first-person camera option too.
  3. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    Players in third person shooters should not be allowed to have first person perspective. It's unfair, and requires a lot more work from the dev team. (Because they would have to create viewmodels and extra animations.)
  4. TJ

    TJ Human Head Staff Staff Member

    haha... funny thing, a couple weeks back we actually broke the game and it stuck everyone into FP mode... but since we have not entered any models for the FP mode you see nothing. other then fire and ect. was interesting but not something we will put in... sorry
  5. P3TC0CK

    P3TC0CK New Member

    Would be nice if we just switch the camera on the fly like in Red Faction: Guerrilla or S4 League (if I'm remembering correctly) because it made combat a lot more fluid in the game when you could do so on the fly.
  6. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    Switch how? I'm not familiar with the mechanics of those games beyond being able to break EVERYTHING in Red Faction.
  7. P3TC0CK

    P3TC0CK New Member

    You could press a button and the camera would switch from right shoulder or left shoulder. Also concern FP mode, I doubt the devs will add it but there's no reason not to add it. If someone wants to play at a disadvantage, let them.
  8. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    Ah. I'm only familiar with that being in APB, which was a pretty good TPS, except for how it was a micro-transaction-pay-2-win-a-thon. I would definitely like to see this.
  9. Cyber_Bruno

    Cyber_Bruno New Member

    I'm not personally against the idea of an un-centered camera perspective, but if you're going to have an un-centered perspective having a left/right toggle would definitely be nice. Warframe has a graceful way of dealing with it where the camera smoothly pans side to side when the toggle key is pressed.

    It's been a while since I've seen the uScript for UE3's camera controls. but I imagine a simple routine to take the current X camera offset and adjust it by tiny increments in a for loop would suffice. I guess the negative/positive X offsets could have to be stored as some kind of constant with a class variable (or entry in a camera object struct? Again, it's been a while.) to track if the camera is currently set to "left" or "right".
  10. I would be so happy if I could center the view in Warframe.
    Tried the left side view and ..... I just can't play with it. Maybe after I play for 1-2 Weeks left side, don't know. So much right side gaming, same for mouse with the right hand, there weren't any left handed mouses when I grow up so I used the same as my right handed brother and now I'm stuck there.

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