Have you seen Gigantic from PAX Prime?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Pika, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Pika

    Pika New Member

    that game is stunning. i'm in the alpha for it and it's incredibly solid already. hopefully minimum "borrows" a few of its ideas. no reason i can't play both.
  2. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

    Was that the game where one dude is a Godzilla or a King Kong and everyone else is boring humans with traps and harpoon guns?
  3. Pika

    Pika New Member

  4. 3REDRUM3

    3REDRUM3 Member

    I thing that the game you are talking about its called Evolve
  5. 3REDRUM3

    3REDRUM3 Member

    Also is it my idea or that thread sould have been at the Off-Topic section?
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  6. Pika

    Pika New Member

    probably, i just figured most people didn't venture into that realm of the forums.
  7. Jays Ego

    Jays Ego New Member

    oh god another MOBA .. I feel like this genre is now like MMO's
  8. Pika

    Pika New Member

    Difference is, this one is the bees knees. And it has a solid financial backing, and Pax Prime exposure. It's incredibly fluid to boot.

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