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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ChA1NsAw, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. methman28

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  2. TJ

    TJ Human Head Staff Staff Member

    i agree there is no downside to the giant slayer right now, so soonish (when i have time) i'll make an altfire that is a shorter dash forward with a lunge attack.
  3. methman28

    methman28 New Member

    Keep the dash, reduce dmg towards enemy players. It's the giant slayer for a reason so shouldn't it do more to titans and less to people?
  4. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

    It's a big fuck off sword that gets bigger. Why should it do less damage compared to a tiny ass baby flim flam sword? Eff the dash - give it some cool turbo 1bang move.
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  5. methman28

    methman28 New Member

    Agreed, after further analysis of the weapon I feel that at levels 4 and 5 there should be a global alt fire which 1bangs ppl without a vowel in their name

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