Icarus Legs and air strafe

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by methman28, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. methman28

    methman28 New Member

    Greetings fellow gamers B)

    While playing the game I have enjoyed using the Icarus Legs (grants double jump) and have been rather disappointed to find that I can only use my second jump towards the initial area where I was sprinting. Especially for an item useful for its benefits towards juking enemies or their projectiles, I suggest a minor rework in which the second jump allows a different direction to be taken; or a more drastic suggestion and recommend the icarus pieces have some sort of increased air strafe properties. What do you guys think?
  2. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    I always thought they were used mainly for map traversal and not dodging.
  3. Anotion

    Anotion New Member

    There aren't that many guns that require dodging while in the air, so no, I don't support this suggestion of allowing the second jump to go in whichever direction the user so pleases. The locked angle is good to keep it balanced. Something would have to be added onto Icarus legs to keep it "balanced".

    Give it this suggested idea and why use any other pair of legs?
  4. methman28

    methman28 New Member

    The lack of general air strafe in this game adds to the predictability of your enemy. If the current jump mechanic was kept in the game I guarantee competitive players would rarely use jumping to evade (at least) ranged enemies because once you jump the next few seconds of your movement are already determined so they can line up their shots. I won't name other games but look at any other competitive shooter and see that any good player isnt just based on their tracking, but their game sense and ability to out-maneuver their oponents (Keeping in mind sonitorums "katana kiting" hell, even explosive damage). If it's not the Icarus legs, it's the air strafe mechanic in it's own. Why jump when it will nearly always be at your disadvantage?
  5. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    You can jump and be safe from explosives at your feet, but at danger from bullets, or frantically sidestep and be vulnerable to explosives and rather protected against bullets. Pretty much any twitch shooter has this: all versions of Quake, Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress and many others.
  6. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    When client-side hit detection arrives, we can make more accurate judgments on the Icarus Legs. Theoretically, it's easy to track people floating in mid-air.
  7. methman28

    methman28 New Member

    u say that whem tf2 scout has a double jump with the second jump being exactly what I am suggesting
  8. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    He also has the least health out of everyone, is locked into his weapons and everybody in that game can steer midair. Point still stands - scouts sidestep when fighting each other and try to fool soldiers and demomen with jumps.

    As Anotion said above, Icarus Legs are useful as they are and if they would let you to switch direction, then there should be a more serious drawback, like reduced health instead of slowed health regen.

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