Just mentioned I distill hi best and worst

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    Just mentioned I distill hi best and worst testing mineral sunscreens video and so now the winner of that one for me was the exuberance sheer daily protectors this is the sunscreen on using now and thesis a full broad spectrum %uh SPF 50 PA plus and on what the PA plus is it’s a measure on UVA protection so the STF is and measure art UV protection Duaderma only and here in the United States we don’t really have standardized measurement for Overprotection broad spectrum is supposed to cover it but it there are gaps here and there where not’s not it doesn't fully explain what's going on in your sunscreen so P A plus pluses more on a European our own a on Asian standard for sunscreens and sell the PA is for UVA and then the number classes is how much coverage you getting slick one plus two plus three classes or I .

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