Nerf Bullet Hell

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DragonShark, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. DragonShark

    DragonShark New Member

    It's a bit too OP, it's a beginner gun.. It shouldn't be that strong.
  2. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

    The Bullet Hell is the gun that all other guns in the game are measured by. It is literally the average.
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  3. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    Why and how is it too strong?
  4. DragonShark

    DragonShark New Member

    Well there are so many new players with level 5 bullet hells that you can't be safe because of the spread.
    You just get shot everywhere by everyone, and it's strong too!
  5. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    What? Are we even playing the same game?
    Also how is it an indication of the gun's strength? You even specified "new players", implying that everyone switches to stronger guns after they play the game for a bit. Do you want their starting weapons to be completely useless, so newbies are armless and legless punching bags until they get wrecked a few times and get the resources for an Auto Sniper?
  6. DragonShark

    DragonShark New Member

    Nono, but I just had a moment this afternoon where all level 5 guns where fired at me.
    So I got a bit mad, so I made a post.
    My apoligies.
  7. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    The only nerf that the Bullet Hell (and perhaps the Rifle class as a whole) could use is towards its clip size. It always struck me as unfair that you could fire it more than twice as long as other weapons with the killing power that you can boast with it. High clip size and high bullet spread make it so that there's basically no punishment for missing. On top of that, the thing already gives you the potential to perform any objective in Titan Mode well, whether it's creeping, creep denial, Titan busting, Titan defense, or straight up murdering people with leet tracking abilities. IIRC Shane and Norm were considering a clip size nerf a few weeks ago, too.

    Cutting it down to 40 would suffice as a reasonable number. Although 40 rounds compared to 60 may seem insignificant in terms of the experiential aspect, it's just a matter of what the Bullet Hell "needs" rather than feeding it some extra, unnecessary convenience factors like the currently damn huge 60-round clip. 30 rounds could also work, but is that too much of a nerf? What's the sweet spot?

    Other than that, the damage values, fire rate, anything it don't seem to raise enough constructive criticism or any other discussion to warrant a nerf to those values.
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  8. TJ

    TJ Human Head Staff Staff Member

    the bullethell was already nerfed from 12 dmg to 10 for the center and from 6dmg to 5 damage on the outer next two and from 4 to 3 on the two most extreme streams, if i was to nerf it again i would have to nerf all the other weapons again, so that isn't going to happen. Unless everyone wants guns that do 0 dmg and instead just knock other players around... i'd do that
  9. LebronJames

    LebronJames Active Member

    I would like that with a custom map based on the outside of Space Station. A sumo mode.

    Sumode if you will.

    Or a pudge wars clone.
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  10. TJ

    TJ Human Head Staff Staff Member

    i'm sure if we did that the game would turn into this

    , but with tiny platforms to jump on and ect... that sounds fun
  11. Tiblolan

    Tiblolan New Member

    I dont understand why you all are taking this DragonShark guy seriously with responses when he puts literally no effort or brainpower in his posts. He has no argument and has nothing to backup his statements. All this is doing is wasting everybody's time. Is this forum really going to just accept the whining and "gun is op, plz nerf" threads or are we going to do something about them?

    All I'm saying is that there needs to be a standard. Preferably now, than when the game launches.
  12. Simskiller

    Simskiller New Member

    I feel in this post you could replace "Dragonshark" with nearly any OP's names for "weapon is 2 stronk, unjustly nurf 4 no raisin plz" threads. He's not the only offender, just currently the most prolific
  13. Goldenspacebiker

    Goldenspacebiker New Member

    Agreed, although 40 seems even a little much personally. I'd go for closer to 30 range. or instead keep the 60 rounds, but as the weapon levels up, The more ammo it consumes per click could go up. Small mag sizes would increase per level up to prevent the weapon from draining too quickly, but over time the trade off would become more of extreme power over a wide area, but with the more power gained, the shorter that power is available before reloading.

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