New gun/Bullet hell rework.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by NakLok, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. NakLok

    NakLok New Member

    Recently i played with a man who called the bullet hell a noob gun that being my main gun that made the keyboard warrior inside me start typing away about it. The next game I killed him with it multiple times and then he left. After that I was talking to Anal Herpes about it and I kinda realized that it was a bit unbalanced because of its final form with such a wide spray. So I thought of a new gun or a bullet hell rework.

    Bullet hell rework ideas -
    As you upgrade your fire rate goes down for each upgrade since your bullet spray goes bigger.
    Lower the wide range of the bullet spray.
    (This was all i can think of at the time will add more but put your suggestions down below and ill add them.)

    Since there is not many rifle styled guns in this game besides the the two hell guns I think it would be cool to add a new one.

    New gun idea-
    Same damage as the bullet hell.
    Mag size of 45.
    Reload time of 1.5
    Its alt fire is a burst fire like the bullet hell and pickup hell
    rate of fire would be 6
    The upgrade bonuses would be upgrading the rate of fire and damage.
    The gun would not have the spray of a bullet hell and would shoot in a straight line.
    (This is what I have thought of so far add your suggestions down below)
  2. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    If a nerf is really neccesary, then another idea is to just weaken the damage of the outer bullets by 2 points to encourage more precision fire. I find it strange that the inner and outer bullet damage eventually becomes equal, being rewarded for imprecise aim. It also used to be that the outer bullet damage was less than the inner bullet, so it's a totally workable feature.

    That and reduce the clip size from 60 down to 40. Norm and Shane were considering clip size nerfs on stream, so we might see it happen anyway.

    The increased spread and fire rate are already reasonable level progressions. They don't call it the Bullet Hell for nothing; they're simply characteristic of the weapon.
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  3. Pika

    Pika New Member

    I still think level two of the weapon would be better for starting, with level four being fine for max. I just want it scaled better. A clip size reduction is better than nothing, but going up against a bullet hell, one gets the sense the user won't ever run out of bullets. Even 40 is a lot lol
  4. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    A reduced clip size will at least result in reloads occurring a bit more frequently, leaving more openings to be attacked or caught using an inconvenient secondary weapon for the situation. There's that extra skill of ammo management enforced with reduced clip size, even though the experience may have it so that the Rifle user seems like he never runs out of bullets.

    What if it were down to 30? Then you'd only be able to fire for ~4 seconds before reloading, and less if you're anal about ammo management, but perhaps that's way too much of a nerf.
  5. Pika

    Pika New Member

    30 is perfect, and what I had in mind. I think it's the clear cut best weapon in the game, late game. I still think people jumping are the toughest playstyles because of the games awkwardness in dealing with aerial targets, but the absolute elite players actually don't jump. Like I said on another thread, just wait until we have healing (i can't wait) and people are rocking max bullet hells with berserker gear, constantly getting healed. absolute nightmare. the challenge will be fun figuring out counter measures, as it normally is.
  6. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    I don't think there's anything wrong with BH, not even clip size. I mean, a katana or an autoshotgun would beat it short range, a launcher at midrange and a sniper rifle at long range. It's okay in every situation, surely, but I don't see how that's a problem.
  7. Vulture7

    Vulture7 New Member

    Not gonna a lie, nor do I mean to sound cocky, but I seem to, including you(sometimes lol) I just wreck anybody using melee. I've had some trouble with snipers, but I went 46 and 14 in a game using the bullet hell... I've only been playing for a few hours too. I agree, mag reduction would help.
  8. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    I think one disadvantage of the Bullet Hell, and the entire Rifle class in general, is its inability to apply instantaneous damage. It always comes out in short streams, unlike with the Shotguns, Launchers, and Snipers whose firepower is instantly felt on one hit. So if someone has gotten the jump on you, theoretically it should be difficult to retaliate with the Bullet Hell, though not necessarily impossible. Technically, even the damage from the 5-bullet burst secondary fire isn't instantaneous, though it might "feel" a bit like that at first.

    But the fact that it has such a high rate of fire and high spread makes damage from it near impossible to avoid, so the Rifles are probably the best weapons to suppress enemies with, on top of the high DPS that the Bullet Hell already gives for more stopping power. A clip size reduction would simply reduce how often people will be irritated by this power.
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  9. Vulture7

    Vulture7 New Member

    I see.
  10. Jeromy

    Jeromy New Member

    I do believe 30 would be a nice number but when nerfing a weapon it's best to take baby steps. What if 30 is too much of a nerf? So it'll be buffed to 40, sure it a bit better but it'll never be what is WAS, it will still suffer in comparison to the 60 before. If you nerf it just a little who can tell? Take 5 bullets off the clip who cares? But if half the whole thing that's catastrophic if in the case if it's too big a nerf.

    If in the case 40 in a clip is too little and the hell is still too overpowered then take it down to 35. Too little? Take to 30. The key isn't jumping into cold water or the community (could) just say "To hell with the Bullet Hell." If they keep that frame of mind there isn't any going back until is close enough to what is USED to be.
  11. Eye GG Why

    Eye GG Why New Member

    I was thinking we could keep the stats of the Bullet Hell and @TJ could add two more barrels to the bullet hell making it the Bullet Hell Hell Hell and changing it to 3 barrels each spitting out a wave of 6 bullets which rotates, maybe make the bullets bounce and call it the Bouncy Bullet Hell Hell Hell.
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  12. Awpteamoose

    Awpteamoose New Member

    Also the bullets should look like animated shark heads so it can be Bouncy Shark Head Hell Hell Hell for added intimidation value.
    Troop morale is very important in any competitive shooter, you know.
  13. Eye GG Why

    Eye GG Why New Member

    This kid is going places, but I think Bouncy Shark Hell Hell Hell is better.

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