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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Banana Jones, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Banana Jones

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    So as we all know, this is a game in beta, and therefore there are many things that will be added over time and fixed, I want to compile a list of changes that would just plain make things a little more understandable, more easily accesseed, or just something small that might COMPLETELY change the game for some of the players. I'll start the list and edit the first post with suggestions and the person who suggested it.

    Banana Jones
    • When being healed by any source, a small icon, noise or directional beacon (not one so large or obnoxious that it would interfere with the hud) that directs the player towards the source of healing or regeneration. (Olympian Armor, Healing Katanas. Whatever else shows up further down the road.)
    • ...
    Lebron James
    • Being able to jump and activate the heal katanas would be nice considering they only heal allies. Instead of having to be a sitting duck to try and heal a teammate.
    • During some weapon upgrades, the animation that plays sometimes interferes with the actual use of the weapon. (ie. not firing, abilities not being able to be used in the heat of battle)


    • Being able to use secondaries in the air would make certain weapons much less restrictive.
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  2. LebronJames

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    Being able to jump and activate the heal katanas would be nice considering they only heal allies. Instead of having to be a sitting duck to try and heal a teammate.
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  3. methman28

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  4. Adastern

    Adastern New Member

    In the loadout pre-game, it would be really useful and easier to understand if there were subcategories, like in-game. For instance clicking on the Armor tab a second time would bring up a sub-menu like in the image below.

    (Currently clicking the armor tab again just closes the menu, which could just be accomplished by clicking the blueprints button again.)
  5. Sonitorum

    Sonitorum New Member

    Many of these sound like alright ideas.

    About the "use secondaries in mid-air", to my knowledge, it's possible to do that with the Rifles, Auto/Taser Shotgun, Launchers, and Snipers (not really practical to zoom when you basically have no accuracy, except for the Rail, but I haven't played this week so I don't know how the new secondary for that works in live gameplay).

    So the only real, sensical changes that would come out of this would be the ability to use Heal Katanas in mid-air and dash in mid-air, but not super-jump in mid-air. Healing in mid-air sounds alright, as the Heal Katanas could use buff to its flexibility ever since the removal of self-heal. Dashing in mid-air sounds a bit iffy, though. It already gives you nice evasion abilities on the ground. Why make it more flexible like that?
  6. methman28

    methman28 New Member

    *All of these are just small little gripes so don't freak out; just putting this out there.

    Improved titan hitboxes- This is made difficult on maps like Path Of Lantern where your titan body blocks the enemy titan, leaving the only lines of sight in the middle staircase area, against the lamp posts, or of course the enemy side of the map.

    Space Station- If you imagine the shape of Space Station as a U, on the right side of the map is one exit to the right wing where the control panel and stair case is. If you leave this room past the plasma field, jumping will cause you to boop your head on the above platform and redirect you to fall off the map.
  7. TJ

    TJ Human Head Staff Staff Member

    it's in and works(mostly... charge vfx is a bit off), but it does no extra damage currently i didn't want it to leak out with high damage... so if y'all want to test it out and say too long of reuse too long of charge, or not long enough, go for it

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