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    We made a bunch of improvements based on our feedback from the first beta weekend, focusing on bug fixes and polishing some of the more ridiculous weapons. We’ll keep making adjustments throughout Early Access alongside releasing cool new content for everyone to experience.


    • Fixed an issue where players would frequently crash when rotating from the Canyon map to the Titan Factory map
    • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes freeze while rotating to the Canyon map
    • Fixed an issue where new accounts sometimes had no inventory or crafting materials until they restarted the game
    • Fixed an issue where client authentication tokens weren’t always created quickly enough, causing players to be kicked with “unable to create equipable loadout” errors.
    • Fixed an issue where players with pre-existing Mber accounts could get stuck in a loop trying to log in using Steam
    • Fixed an issue where players would (very rarely) crash at the end of a match due to metrics being updated
    • Fixed an issue where players could accidentally login using a valid Mber account that was not the one linked to their current Steam ID
    • Fixed an issue where unlock tokens were not being awarded after leveling up
    • Fixed an issue where the in-game menu was not updating to show players’ crafting materials
    • Fixed an issue where the end of match rewards were showing incorrect icons
    • Made significant changes to the new account creation and initial login flows
    • Improved the content of login and account creation error messages to better communicate when external APIs (such as Steam) are down
    • Added a message asking players if it’s okay to send them Minimum-related email (such as patch notes and beta weekend announcements!)
    • Reduced the damage and effective radius of the Grenade Launcher
    • Increased the damage of the Mini Launcher
    • Turrets will no longer target Titans, structures or creeps
    • Grenades now use an ammo system that recharges over time – players have 2 grenades by default.
    • There can be a significant delay when throwing grenades
    • Shotgun tracers are sometimes shown as passing through targets that the projectiles actually collided with, giving the impression that no damage was done
    • When rotating maps there will often be several seconds of black screen followed by a strange looking, partially loaded map.
    • When trying to craft armor in a match, sometimes the menu will close and the crafting animation will play but no armor will be crafted
    • Under very rare circumstances, Titans will sometimes flip upside down and walk on their heads (???)

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