Release Notes for 50110

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    We’ve got a new release for you this morning! This one is focused on a few crash fixes and a short-term fix for some of the spawn-camping problems on the Titan Factory map. We’ll be making further changes to both maps to deal with spawn camping in a more direct way in future updates (and future maps!)

    • Fixed an issue where changing keybinds could sometimes cause the game to crash (or for players to be kicked) when tutorial messages were shown during a match
    • Fixed an issue where certain characters in names could cause players to be kicked from the server shortly after joining
    • Added additional spawn points to the Titan Factory map to reduce the effectiveness of spawn camping
    • Increased the invulnerability time after spawning from 3 seconds to 6 seconds
    • Previously, spawn invulnerability would be removed if the spawning player began firing – this restriction has been lifted and players will remain invulnerable for the full 6 seconds regardless of their actions

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