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    Time for a fix build! This release doesn’t have any significant new features but it does fix a number of small bugs and annoyances we found in the bigger content update we made on Tuesday. This is part of our plan going forward – we’ll release smaller builds more or less weekly that will include fixes, balance changes and sometimes small new features. Every few weeks we will release one of our larger, pre-announced updates that will include more content and bigger feature and changes.

    • Rebuilt lighting for the Titan Factory map to fix some ugly smeared shadows (and to remove that silly warning in the upper right of the screen).
    • Fixed a bug where the Tactical and Major Tom armors were reducing damage vs. specific weapon classes by significantly more than intended.
    • Fixed a bug with device crafting that showed unlock options in the armory.
    • Added missing UI elements for device crafting that show when the player has a schematic (this is the same way weapons work).
    • Fixed more instances of the bug where players attempt to craft armor and he crafting screen disappears but no armor is crafted.
    • Sniper rifle sound FX now attenuate correctly.
    • Fixed FOV and flame trails for Speedy Shotgun – they now slowly increase as the weapon levels up as was originally intended.
    • Fixed a minor calculation error regarding game completion percentage.
    • Reduced the damage for levels 3-5 of the plasma launcher.
    • Reduced the bonus speed granted by the Speedy Shotgun at level 2, 3, 4 and 5.
    • Tactical armor now gives a damage bonus while crouched.

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