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    Time for our first weekly build! In case you haven’t heard us talk about this on our live stream or read about it on our Steam community forums, in between our major planned updates (which are spaced out about once a month) we’ll be doing smaller weekly patches. The amount of content in these will vary widely, with many of them focusing on bug fixes and balance adjustments with smaller (or time critical) new features scattered within. This particular update see us making a pretty significant change to the way armor works and some anti-spawn camping additions, so we’ll talk about those in more depth at the end of the patch notes.

    • [Gameplay] Added prototype spawn containers to Desert Canyon, Titan Factory and Disaster Zone. Players will always spawn inside of a container and they are safe from all incoming damage while inside them.
    • [Gameplay] Adjusted armor so that all armors grant core defensive stats (health) that increase with each upgrade. These are in addition to any positive or negative stats in the armor descriptions and are the same for all armor.
    • [Gameplay] Rebalanced some stats for the following armor pieces: Major Tom helmet damage reduced, Olympian helmet cost raised, Olympian legs speed reduced but damage increased, Paladin’s legs speed reduced.
    • [Gameplay] Players no longer drop shards when killed. As a result, shards can now only be collected by killing creeps.
    • [UI] Separated announcer voice into its own volume channel and added a new slider for adjusting audio volume.
    • [Patching] Added deterministic cooking to our build process to significantly reduce our patch sizes. This patch will be about 50% of the total size of our game install and future patches will be much, much smaller.
    • Fixed yet more ways in which the “failed to craft armor” bug can occur. This is an issue with tentacles that go into a lot of places so it’ll be a bit of an ongoing process to keep fixing it as we find new methods for making it happen.
    • Explosive sniper rifle is now able to headshot correctly.
    • There is now a proper error message displays when the game cannot find a valid internet connection (rather than the generic “Service unavailable.” message).
    Spawn camping has been a major problem since Minimum was released and these new spawn containers are the first step in resolving the problem. The containers themselves are currently a prototype and don’t have any sort of pretty art or thematic justifications but they do provide the core set of needed functionality. All players will spawn inside of any one of several spawn containers on each side of the map. These containers can only be entered by one team and players standing inside them cannot be damaged. It should be noted that in the current prototype you may see your character react to hits or see AoE damage FX applied to them, but they are not actually receiving any damage from these attacks. We have a list of additional changes we’ll be making to these spawn containers over the next few patches but we wanted to get the basic functionality of them in-place for you all to try out and give us feedback on.

    The goal of this change is to make players more durable as the game progresses and close the gap between a freshly respawned player and someone who has a level 4 or 5 weapon. This change, combined with the change to make shards drop only from creeps, is also intended to emphasize the need to farm. Although players are of course free to focus purely on killing opponents, those who do will be unable to upgrade to the advanced tiers of armor and will eventually lose their advantages as their armor remains at level 1. This system is intended to combine with a new weapon leveling system but, unfortunately, this did not make it into this week’s patch. We’ll be adding the new weapon leveling changes in next week’s build. We hope you guys enjoy these changes and we look forward to hearing your feedback on our forum. See you in the City!

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