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    This is a smaller than usual weekly patch in preparation for next week’s big June update, but there’s a few important changes and fixes in there anyway. Next week we’ll see a lot more stuff, so stay tuned and get excited!

    • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally have their stats (experience points, levels, KDA, etc.) reset.
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect animation would play when jumping using the dash shotgun.
    • There is now a maximum speed enforced for players. Building more speed (via weapons or armor) will not allow you to move faster than this cap. The value of the cap is equivalent to the speed granted by a level 5 Speedy Shotgun.
    • Deciding which Titan attacks first is no longer totally random. If one titan is 6 or more Titan crystals behind the other, that Titan will attack first. We refer to this as the “pity hit” system and it’s intended to eliminate the really swinging feeling that occurred when a Titan that was already significantly ahead in farm also got the first attack. In situations where the delta between Titan scores is less than 6 the system behaves the same as it did before. Note: this won’t be implemented for Disaster Zone until the June update next week.
    On the topic of the stats reset fix, if anyone sees their stats get reset please let us know immediately. Make a post on our forum and be as detailed as you can about the situation in which it occurred. We want to make sure this problem really has been stomped out for good!

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