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  1. PoliceForce

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    Share your full loadout, what armor(s) you use and what you tend to do with that build

    Bird of Prey
    Build role: Player killing, ambushing, assassin
    Preferred range:Medium to close
    Weapons: Speedy shotgun (slot 1), Rail sniper (slot 2)
    Equipment: Proximity mine/grenade or sticky grenade
    Armor choices (preferred): Tactical helmet, Olympian chest, Major tom leggings
    Alternate choices:Major Tom helmet, Olympian helmet, Major Tom chest

    Notes:What this build is meant to do is open with a rail sniper shot from close to medium distance, break line of sight, then superjump with the Speedy shotgun's secondary and come from above, shooting the rail rifle and grenades for a kill. You can then use the Speedy shotgun's passive to get the hell outta dodge before their teammates can get you.

    Build role: Titan slaying, creep farming, kill securer
    Preferred range: Medium to close
    Weapons: Pickup hell, Taser shotgun
    Equipment: Proximity mine, grenade or sticky
    Armor choices: Knight helmet, Olympian chest, Olympian leggings
    Alternate choices: Olympian helmet, Berserker helmet, Berserker chest, Icarus leggings

    Notes:Quick thing on weapons, the Taser shotty is there to help you against katana dudes, and help you slow down people your teammates are trying to kill. It slows from a REALLY ridiculous range so don't be afraid to hit people across the map. Most of your damage will be done with the Pickup hell and grenades. Olympian gear is ALWAYS good team support and the extra regeneration and movement speed will allow you to make quick exits and get back in the fight FAST. Knowing golden creep locations is SUPER important to this build as you should quickly grab 1-5 creep kills and then move onto the golden creep who CAN be slowed with your taser shotgun. Remember to kill it with you Pickup hell to try and get 2 golden drops!

    True support
    Build role: Pusher, healer, overall helper
    Preferred range: Close
    Weapons: Heal katanas (slot 1), Taser shotgun (slot 2)
    Equipment: Proximity mine
    Armor choices: Full Olympian, or mix and match for melee damage/resistances

    Notes: Armor wise this build is WAY different. Since you want to be tagging enemies with your Taser so you or an ally can secure the kill, damage isn't as important to you as it is for other builds. Olympian gives you and your teammates loads of really good bonuses and should never, and should be considered the "basic" loadout for this build. Olympian chest is the best of them all IMO. Knight helmet could be useful for titan-slaying, along with the legs for even MORE melee damage since the Taser shotgun does barely any. Or you could build for health and damage resistance so that you can always be there for teammates, even when it all goes to shit.
    Play-style notes: Pick someone that is either doing a lot of PKing or titan-damage/creep farming and keep them healed up and their enemies slowed down. This isn't a glorious build but I've helped turn the tide with a good team. If you like support in other MOBA style games, hopefully this is the class for you.

    Thanks for reading, post any questions and your own builds below!
  2. TLaw122

    TLaw122 Member

    KOS (Kill On Sight)
    Main focus on player kills, getting rid of fed enemies

    Auto Shotgun
    Inferno Katana
    Proximity Mine
    Olympian Helmet
    Ninja Chestplate
    Icarus Legs

    Japanese Terror
    Main focus on
    player kills, drawing the enemies' attention

    Giant Killer
    Nija Jump Katana
    Napalm Grenade
    Samurai Helmet
    Ninja Chestplate
    Knight Legs

    Titan Slayer
    Main focus on titan killing and a bit of supportive role

    Minigun Bounce
    Giant Killer
    Napalm Grenade
    Olympian Helmet
    Olympian Chestplate
    Icarus Legs

    Full Support
    Main focus on supporting, harrassing enemies from afar, creep farming

    Beam Rifle
    Pickup Hell
    Flame Turret
    Olympian Helmet
    Olympian Chestplate
    Olympian Legs

    Depending on the enemies' weapons i use Icarus Chest or Samurai Chest to counter Katana or Bullet Hell spam.

    I am bored to write more details... :p
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  3. DragonShark

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    I have not seen any plasma combo's. ;(
  4. TLaw122

    TLaw122 Member

    One of my other 2 loadouts is called REDRUM and in that i have plasma launcher and giant killer with napalm grenade. For that i take olympian helmet and chestplate and icarus legs...
    Its a copy paste of my friend's main loadout and thats why i named it that way xd
    There u go, a plasma loadout as u requested, White Warrior xd
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  5. SuchDogeMuchWow

    SuchDogeMuchWow New Member

    My builds are too OP, I'd rather no one else know them TYVM
  6. SyntheticShotz

    SyntheticShotz New Member

    I mainly just use one build for efficiency and the other builds to test weapons and get a feel for them.

    It's basically standard compared to everyone's, other than the armor since I don't know the standard for armor
    Weapons: Bullet Hell, Ninja Jump Katana
    Equipment: Usually a grenade for getting rid of turrets, I need to level up to unlock other equipment unless some weapon catches my interest.
    Armor: Olympian helmet, Olympian chestplate(Defensive) or Ninja chestplate (heavy offensive), and then disaster leggings. I may get icarus leggings if I go with the olympian chestplate path.

    The bullet hell is pretty solid for me since I use it in a range of most other weapons with ease. The second ability is a spam shot which I usually fire last to finish off someone. The katana is used as mobility tool, since it's harder to chase someone landing on a different floor or over a wall than someone who dashes off a tiny bit. I might actually use it on combat if I'm pretty confident or have no choice because of the Bullet Hell reloads.

    I've only played two team deathmatch matches, getting 25-3 and 33-1. I've played on Titan mode much more before today, getting less impressive scores since I focus on objectives during certain times (and because people have enough creep drops to max out their armor). The fighting I do in Titan mode is mainly for objectives. My KDA is somewhere above 2.0, though I have to actually do a check tonight for a more accurate result.

    I've been spamming my horde mode games lately, so the Ninja Jump Katana was useful surviving past wave 3 before the new patch, where I don't use it to avoid getting grouped up and the monsters being MUCH easier to kill. You get a ton of resources from it (I have about 48k cubes from all my matches), but no XP.

    I'd like to see what everyone think of my main build and also what equipment everyone would recommend.
  7. Ghorm

    Ghorm New Member

    Explosive Sniper
    Speedy Shotgun
    Minigun Turret

    Tactical Helm
    Olympian Chest
    Disaster Leggings

    This is my default build when I join a new server solo. I like having options. The speedy shotgun is great for getting into/out of hairy situations, and is phenomenal for repositioning to find a better sniping roost. Not to mention you can farm creeps easily and deal with narutos charging at you. Explosive sniper doesn't have the tell-tale SHOOMP of the cryo sniper or KOOM of the railgun and thus you are a little protected if an enemy happens to be nearby. I take the minigun turret as a sort of watchdog for when i'm sniping, or tossing over an enemy wall if our Titan is smashing it. Then i'll zip around and shotgun people focusing elsewhere.

    Once i'm fully upgraded on both weapons and armor i'm fairly hard to deal with.

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