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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Neoken, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Neoken

    Neoken New Member

    I'll start by saying I really like Minimum. I've only played 8 hours or so, but I've had a ton of fun so far. There's a lot of potential to this game and I hope it'll continue to grow for a long long time. However, I feel the currency system is currently quite convoluted and very unneccessarely so.

    First off al, I don't see the point of having 3 different kinds of currencies. There seems no merit to having matches reward you with different amounts of cubes, pyramids and octahedrons when you could just use one of the three as a basic currency for everything. Add to this a forth cubical currency needed to "unlock" stuff, which you only gain by levelling, and is a prerequisite in order to "craft" stuff using the other 3 currencies, and the title Minimum would appear like some sadistic joke. ;)

    For example, at the moment of writing I had levelled and gained an "red cube". This I used to unlock a weapon only to realise I had an overabundance of regular cubes, but a shortage of pyramids and octahedrons to actually craft the weapon I just unlocked. Maybe if I checked the crafting requirements to note down how many of each currency I needed to craft the weapon before I spent my "red cube" to unlock it, I could have spared myself the disappointment. But who would bother with doing that all the time.

    Then you also have the blueprints, which you can unlock as if you can unlock weapons (but by using regular cubes), only it's not in the crafting menu, but in a tab in the loadout menu instead.

    In short, it's an ugly overly complicated design. I feel like the whole currency and crafting method could do with some simplifying.

    So I'd propose to dump the "unlock" requirements and reduce everything to just one currency. Just keep it simple. You gain x amount of cubes by playing matches (and/or levelling) and you can use that single currency to craft things you'd want to use or to gain blueprints. Implement thesame system for crafting your armor during matches. One currency only!

    Then segregate the loadout customisation completely from the crafting, so put the action of gaining new blueprints with the rest in the crafting menu. And add the ability to select certain armor blueprints to be quickcraftables for each different loadout.

    I know it's probably a low prioriy issue, but I find the current system remarkably off-putting nonetheless, and I hope it's up for reconsideration.
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  2. Cyber_Bruno

    Cyber_Bruno New Member

    Nice post. I can agree that, in its current state, there really isn't a need for multiple types of currency outside of the game. As more features are implemented that may change, but I don't have any knowledge of what's behind the scenes.

    I do, however, strongly disagree with changing in-match crafting costs to be one currency. The reason for this is simple: purple crystals create hotspots. Be it by specific map locations or an uncommon drop, that purple crystals exist to create areas that draw players in with the goal of creating small areas of combat.
  3. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    "Be it by specific map locations or an uncommon drop, that purple crystals exist to create areas that draw players in with the goal of creating small areas of combat." Additionally, it reduces camping as players need to venture out to find crystals for their armor.
  4. Neoken

    Neoken New Member

    Ah, you misunderstood, I never said to get rid of the purple crystals. They're not a currency you can use for crafting after all, they're just titan power ups inherent to the gameplay and should definitely remain.
  5. Nexle

    Nexle New Member

    *grits teeth*

    they are used for upgrading your armor!
  6. Neoken

    Neoken New Member

    Ah, I see now. So we have 3 different (4 if you count the red cubes) currencies for crafting things outside the game, and another 2 different currencies to craft ingame, one of which also functions as titan powerup. You can see how I got confused. ^^

    Anyway, the proposal remains thesame. Cut down to one currencies ingame as well. Just the purple one should suffice. Or keep the two, but only have one act as crafting material.
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  7. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    "one of which also functions as titan powerup. You can see how I got confused. ^^"
    No, Titan powerups are their own thing.
  8. Cyber_Bruno

    Cyber_Bruno New Member

    Yeah, Neoken. In any match type, there are grey crafting materials and purple crystals for armor. In Titan Mode matches creeps will drop both crafting materials as well as small, white diamond looking pickups (as well as the larger, golden variant from the golden creep). Those small white/gold diamonds are the Titan powerups.
  9. Ghorm

    Ghorm New Member

    Honestly, the game doesn't need an unlock system, it just bogs down the ability to theory craft and fine tune strategies. The replay value comes from the core gameplay itself, not from the clunky weapon crafting system. That kind of mechanic is more free-to-play than anything, and we paid for this game.
  10. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    The tricky thing there is even in the realm of game development, there's a meta. And right now, the meta says that restricting players to a small number of options and slowly opening things up for them is the best way to teach new players. As far as we know, that's a good strategy when designing a game. You get 3 weapons, 2 equipment items, and 2 sets of armor to help you ease into the game, and when you're comfortable enough to experiment with new items, you'll be able to get them.

    There's also a slightly sinister psychological side of things that shows players will play longer if they're given something to work towards. An easily set personal goal.

    And on the other hand, if Atari ever makes Minimum go F2P (Which I doubt they will because Atari isn't particularly well known for making healthy financial decisions) then they'll have a system in place to support the free to play model.
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