Swords,They are OP.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nevakonaza, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Nevakonaza

    Nevakonaza New Member

    Joined 2 games last night,each game 1 guy just running around invisible (must be a perk/unlock?) then suddenly appearing behind and hacking everyone up..the swords are Overpowered seriusly makes me not want to play the game when you can unload hald a clip into someone and they just run at you and hack you up with a sword its stupid.

    Please look into making some changes or balance them out.
  2. itisjustjeff

    itisjustjeff Member

    Swords are not overpowered. If you just stand there shooting at a sword, 9/10 they will kill you. Run away, don't engage in close-quartered combat with them. They are very easy to counter.

    I would suggest, if you are still having trouble, invest in major tom legs and try jumping over them to start.
  3. rawket

    rawket New Member

    Swords are the easiest weapons to counter. They're only REALLY effective against new players that haven't worked out basic strategies.
  4. Monarch

    Monarch New Member

    Swords are boring as hell to use in this game. I usually just switch to stickies and get the revenge kill. Since I haven't played enough to counter them 100% of the time. Not sure how anyone finds te fun to use but to each his own I guess.
  5. DragonShark

    DragonShark New Member

    Swords are just not OP.
    They are mostly used by players who don't really know how to play the game yet.
    Swords are easy to deal with, very easy actually. Just pay attention.

    If this info is not enough for ya, just go and look at @Sonitorum 's guide.
  6. Pika

    Pika New Member

    I'd like an op katana. Can somebody point me in the right direction?
  7. FloUrCOD

    FloUrCOD New Member

    I think A way to counter this would be that they add an ability to punch enemies a distance away from you, so you odnt have to keep these stupind swords in your face...
  8. Ogretoe

    Ogretoe New Member

    "close quarters combat" is not situational and not 100% possible to avoid.
    There are two counters to a sword attack.
    A dash.
    Your own sword.

    More dash-variant weapons should be made. Or dash should be removed from swords. Or movement skills should be made into its own customizable entity, separate from weapons.
  9. dclanz

    dclanz New Member

    To me, dash is essential for swords. To counter them, rain fire from the heavens, dash away yourself or hack as they come to you.
  10. Swiiitan

    Swiiitan New Member

    Swords are not OP in my opinion, as mentioned before it is fairly easy to avoid a sword.
    Though i do not agree that the sword is shitty as some guys here says. I'we been getting some pretty awesome kills with it, not only against noobs.

    I find myself playing like 70% of the time with a sword and 30% with guns, and i usually end up with some sick k/d scores.
    I don't wanna brag but lately in TDM's i usually do half of the team.
  11. Krotain

    Krotain New Member

    The dash is a bit bugged though, I have found two instances in which the dash makes me infinity dash. Some times if the sword is at max level and I dash and switch weapons quickly it will do the infinite dash or if I hit right click twice it will also do it sometimes. I already emailed them but no responce.
  12. Krotain

    Krotain New Member

    One way I counter swords without my own is using the bullet hell's right click while trying to anticipate their strikes and jumping over them.
  13. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    Stay mobile and use the environment to your advantage. If you're not geared for close quarters, stay in places where you have a good line of sight. Swords are NOT overpowered, they're what is considered a FOO strategy.
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  14. TJ

    TJ Human Head Staff Staff Member

    Thankyou Rehtael for posting this, i have been trying to explain this to the new players
  15. Rehtael

    Rehtael Member

    As someone who is trying to become a game dev, understanding these things is VERY important to me.
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  16. TLaw122

    TLaw122 Member

    At first i had trouble dealing with katanas too... At 1st i found taser shogun which has a preety decent slow... Later i started playing auto shotgun (my fav weapon). The katana dudes come into my face with 5lv katans and i instakill them with a right click, even with 1lv auto shotty, its rly easy...
    And about what FloUrCOD said, the auto shotgun's right click if it doesnt kill the enemy it knockbacks them rly far. I think u should try this.
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  17. janoot

    janoot New Member

    I always play with swords and I have my own tactic which makes it quite hard to kill me often in small maps. As long as other players without swords keep distance it's not easy to kill them.

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