That nearly all Kenyans for canned food line

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    That nearly all Kenyans for canned food line with BPA yes could would I recommend avoiding camp was for this reason Osama the last video I did on bum Osama was on male sexual dysfunction to be PSSplastics chemical used in polycarbonate plastics I'm not PVC plastics used as a as aligner I chemical liner inside food cans I and I and to the left and so I have couple videos talking about which plastics have it which one stone based on the little number I'm kind imprinted on the plastic product I'm so I can which ones are harmless which ones are potentially harmful so BPA I am I has been associated with cardiovascular disease diabetes and in the last two the idea on male sexual dysfunction measuring Claudia sex life and build and maintain interaction all associated with higher levels obscuring a BPA in Brainplus iq

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