That we can play with these masters in the

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    That we can play with these masters in the bisnitei international because of her money come without their money will be impossible to live. But we live in, really? I believe that Romania, most of them survive, and I think in television and lies nicely polished ... but the reality is that this press miserable day destroy fragile personality and so quite a confused Stark trading system youth in Romania. Greece did not capitulate! Country is a democratic process, as it did in two weeks ago, when he called for a referendum, this time I will request a debate in the Greek Parliament of the points offered by Brussels. Moreover, Tsipras's desire to negotiate for 17 hours with the Brussels show that he has no way to be satisfied with what has requested the EU. Greece received an ultimatum from the EU, which could be the focus in the rascolii ambition Greeks and their patriotism, leading to a rupture undisputed between Greece and the EU, regardless of the .

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