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    This is a thread concerning turrets found in titan mode maps, which have been an on-going battle for a while now. Turrets currently are very quick to kill, but will also respawn during the same push so you have to prepare to backtrack as to avoid your titan being constantly damaged by this.

    Increase turret HP but remove its respawn until the next titan phase. This will provide more of a focus on turrets and makes them more of a threat, as opposed to one person with a level 5 plasma launcher shooting it three times to kill it and then continuing with the push.

    Make hud markers for new players to help them locate turrets. To be completely honest, in a map like City 03 or PoL, a primarily white map with skinny, white turrets, it doesn't really come naturally to find turrets. Sure you can see the projectiles being launched, but in a game where turrets are not mentioned anywhere for (new) players to know about, can you expect them to locate and fight to take down a turret?

    In matches where titans will eventually one shot walls, why not make walls a dangerous battle which players will have to put all their efforts into this one area than continuing to play the map as if it were TDM. Place turrets around the walls, which will die with the wall unless taken out, to make this more of a threat for the team on offense. Due to the time where Titan Vs. Titan will determine most of the damage, give the offenders more to fight for as they push towards the enemy's base.
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    Agreed that the defense turrets could be a lot more intimidating in general.

    Right now, the team on offense doesn't really NEED to focus on the defense turrets, since the players dish out the most DPS to the Titan. The team on defense needs to focus on bringing down the Titan, defending themselves against enemy players, AND defending their defense turrets if the offense finds it neccesary to bring them down.

    Something's just wrong with the whole balance of objectives between the offense and defense. Buffing the defense turrets in HP, damage, respawn rate, or some combination of those attributes, could make them a much higher priority for the offense to take out. That makes the offense focus on both enemies and defense turrets as equally threatening forces to the Titan.
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    Respawn rate is stupid as hell, why not just make them stronger and respawn every titan phase? Players shouldn't be expected to have to take down the same turret twice - it defeats the purpose of taking down an objective when it's just going to come up again in the next 30 seconds lol

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