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    Just wanted to let ya'll know what the status currently is, and what we are working on.

    Crashes - build 50386 (the build live now) is increadibly stable. Despite what you might think from reading posts in this forum, the number of crashes occuring in the live build are extremely low, most of them caused by users trying to run minimum on old/outdated computers. The build that will be released this thursday 10/2/14 fixes two more.

    Disconnects - This is our #1 priority, reducing the number of disconnections players are experiancing. The build coming out this thursday should fix two of the causes. The first is the 'invalid client token' fix. The second is to fix the way we bring down servers. Starting this weekend, when we need to shut down a server, you will get a message at the end of the match saying 'server is about to shut down'. No longer will we knowingly bring down a server that has players playing in it, who would get disconnected with the message "Connection to host timed out" We are still working on the dreaded "Connection to match lost" Issue, more info to come.

    Content Updates - Some new armor is coming down the pipe, as well as some major changes to Titan Factory, Desert Canyon, and The Event. You can expect a small update to the statues of Zen Garden this weekend.

    Server Lag/Rubber Banding - We are still working on fixing the rubber banding that occurs when players disconnect. We are also working on a matchmaking improvement (should be ready next week) that will make sure you are placed in servers in your region that have a low ping.

    Plenty of other bug fixes/improvments are coming down the pipe, but the major ones are listed above. You can expect regular patches to be released every thursday as we move forward.

    Thanks for playing!
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    Clearly nothing.....Regret purchase. Making my review reflect. Communication would be nice.
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    amazing game, like a q3, really like it
    can you add help button and put there some data
    I search for info last two days
    and cant understand how to put at combat armour that I unlocked at blueprints
    and can you explain: I can assemble another bullet hell and ..?

    waiting for upgrading system
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