In Minimum, gathering the materials you need to Power-up and advance are critical to success. There are two categories of materials to collect: in-match and out-of-match.


In-match materials are used when crafting items from Blueprints and achieving game objectives. Blueprint items allow you to improve and customize your character over the course of a match, and thus collecting the materials to create them is critical to your success. There are four types of in-match materials:

Fragments - These are dropped by destroying most things in a match: Titans, defensive walls, turrets, players and even Creeps disintegrate into fragments when defeated. Fragments are the core material used in crafting most armor and other Blueprint items, particularly in the early game.

Shards - Purple instances of pure energy that are less common than fragments and only drop from particularly important objectives like players, Titans and creeps. Shards are especially important for crafting higher blueprint tiers or upgrading armor you’ve previously crafted.

Power-Ups - Dropped from player kills, these powerful items increase the potency of your weapons. In Minimum each weapon has 5 power levels that you can upgrade via kill streaks. The level 5 version of a weapon is a truly formidable thing to wield! Killing players that are themselves on a strong kill streak will yield stronger Power-ups, giving you incentive to go after the best the enemy team has to offer.

Titan Crystals - These are gathered while farming Creeps in Titan Mode and are among the most vitally important resources in the match. Collecting Titan crystals increases the strength of your team’s Titan, and the stronger your Titan is the quicker it can defeat the enemy Titan and reach their base to win the match.


Unlike in-match materials, out-of-match materials are used exclusively well outside of a match! These materials are awarded at the end of a match based on your own and your team’s performance. Out-of-match materials are used when crafting weapons and other items from schematics and include:

Blocks - The most basic (and common) raw material of crafting, blocks are needed for almost everything. They’re used to acquire new Schematics and Blueprints as well as craft new weapons and devices using your Schematics.

Polyhedrons - A more advanced class of crafting material, polyhedrons come in 4 different styles: Tetrahedrons, Octahedrons, Dodecahedrons and Icosahedrons. Different Schematics call for different combinations and amounts of these materials, so collecting them is critical to your ability to create all the different weapons, upgrades and devices you’ll want to use!