Gorillas, dinosaurs and jungles! Update 1.3 is now live.

January 16, 2015


Let’s paint a picture: you’re lost in an ancient, primeval block jungle, stumbling through the thick polygonal brush. Suddenly, you break into a clearing – a gigantic crater! What could have caused this? And what’s the blood-curdling roaring coming from over there!?

Update 1.3 brings our our newest Titan mode map – as with all our new releases, we think this is the best one yet! It’s set on the rim of a meteor crater in the midst of an ancient jungle and features our first animal-themed Titans. We’ve also included our long-promised female character model, made deployable structures available in Titan mode, added some new skins and rolled up a bunch of smaller fixes.

We hope you all had a great holiday season and we’re really excited to finally be able to bring this update to our live servers. Good hunting, and we’ll see you in the crater!



  • [Maps] Primeval Mist (JUN04) is now playable in Titan mode! See details later.
  • [Titans] Two new Titans have been added to JUN04 – Jinro (the gorilla) and Titansaurus Hex (the dinosaur).
  • [Titans] Added health glow effects to Titans.
  • [Creeps] New compy creeps have been added to JUN04. Careful, these guys bite!
  • [Structures] Ice Tower structure now available in Titan mode.
  • [Structures] Fire Tower structure now available in Titan mode.
  • [Structures] Healing Tower structure now available in Titan mode.
  • [Structures] Plasma Rocket Turret now available in Titan mode.
  • [Structures] Structures now show damage taken using a glow similar to that of players.
  • [Horde] A new hammer-wielding boss has been added to Horde mode!
  • [Balance] Armor now grants 5 HP per level instead of 10 HP per level.
  • [Balance] Bounce Gun projectiles now increase in speed with weapon power level.
  • [Balance] Bullet Hound accuracy range increased (average accuracy also increased).
  • [Bots] AI bots can now equip a wider range of weapons. They can also switch back and forth between their primary and secondary weapons (TDM and Titan modes only).
  • [Characters] Female player models are now available! They can be selected from the loadout screen.
  • [Armor] Most armor and armor skins have been customized for the female player model. Check them out to see how they’re different!
  • [Armor] Armor levels are now shown via additive bit that glow as it is upgraded.


  • [Weapons] Fixed a bug where Pickup Hell would double generic drops.
  • [Titans] Titan invulnerability glow should no longer look like the center of the sun.
  • [Titans] Fixed a bug where Sumo Titan’s jetpack FX weren’t always showing.
  • [Networking] Fixed a bunch of situations that could cause players to disconnect from the server.
  • [UI] Crafted weapons now have correct orientation and position when doing their spin flourish.
  • [UI] Fixed numerous icons being offset incorrectly by a few pixels.
  • [Animation] Fixed numerous instances of character hand positions coming off of weapons when aiming at extreme angles.
  • [Bots] Fixed a bug that caused bots to wear impossible armor combinations in impossible colors.
  • [Armor] Disaster Rescue legs now correctly give health (as their description said they should).
  • [Armor] Fixed a bug where armor traits would sometimes double up.



Primeval Mist is a new Titan Mode map set in a prehistoric valley ruled by the mighty Jinro and the fearsome Titanosaurus Hex, two Titans of the jungle locked in a continuous struggle for supremacy! In the caves of Primeval Mist lie ancient secrets and delicious dinosaurs. Many dinosaurs spawn in a central creep nest hidden under a veil of mist, but others hide in more secretive places…there’s even an elusive Golden species of dinosaur rumored to be succulent beyond words.


How did these dinosaurs come to exist? Have we traveled back in time, or are primal jungles a day to day part of block existence? Stop asking questions! Instead, fight for delicious dino meat cubes and control of the Primeval Mist.

NEW FEATURE: Female Character Models

You asked, we listened! Female block people are now available for all your avatar needs, complete with customized armor sets and skins. You can switch between female and male character models in your loadout screen. We’re sorry it too so long to get implemented but we’re happy we were able to (eventually!) satisfy this very vocal desire from our players.

Now get out there and try on all the armor to see how it looks on your new frame!

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