July Update (50276) release notes!

August 1, 2014

We’ve made it to another major update! This time around we’ve got some new maps for you, including our prettiest map to date (and it’s not even quite finished yet!) and some reworks and revisions to your old favorites. We also have new devices to use, AI bots and seamless bot replacement!

As I said in the post for our June update we couldn’t do this without the support and enthusiasm of all our Early Access fans. You guys have taken a big risk on us and we hope we’re living up to your expectations for us as an engaged, productive development studio. With that said, onto the update notes!

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New Titan Mode Map: Path of Lanterns


Our newest Titan Mode map! It features a new layout that puts the Titan paths along the edge of a treacherous mountain cliff and moves the creep farming area to a centralized location that guarantees conflict. In addition, it has two brand-new themed Titans and a new set of themed Creeps to match it’s beautiful new Pagoda style.

As before, I’ll let our level designer Shane Newton take it from here!

To reach the peak of White Dragon Mountain, one must walk the perilous Path of Lanterns. Guarded by an Ancient Samurai, many who make the journey will not descend alive, their spirits trapped forever among the lamplight.

The Path of Lanterns is a new Titan map set in a temple nestled within the cliffs of White Dragon Mountain, a perilous pass where one wrong step can mean instant doom. The central temple is home to the Chochin-obake, a unique species of creep which can be conveniently destroyed to power up your unstoppable Mecha-Sumo Titan!

Many wanderers make the journey in an attempt to reach the sleeping White Dragon. Will you be one to survive the dangers and learn the secrets of enlightenment? Who will win in the epic struggle of Ancient Samurai versus Mecha-Sumo? Is that…a Samurai Raptor?

As a side note, I personally think that Path of Lanterns is the prettiest map we’ve put out to date! The settings is awesome and all the little touches that have been placed in it make me feel like it’s the best example of what the Minimum art style can offer. What’s more, we’re not even quite finished with it yet! In the next weekly build we’ll be adding a few more finishing touches to really put it over the top. Get excited!


New TDM Map: Zen Garden


Our second themed map! We liked the Pagoda theme so much that we decided it belongs in a team deathmatch map as well. Zen Garden features some new mechanics (portals!) and some silly little touches (gongs!) that are sure to make your fragging experience that much more fun. Just close your eyes an imagine the scene that Shane Newton has created for you:

Those who survive the Path of Lanterns go on to reach the Zen Garden, home of the sleeping dragon. From here, the path continues on as a journey of enlightenment, which naturally means a 5-on-5 battle to the death.

One must have razor focus to survive and outwit his enemy, as only the strongest have made it this far. Cover can be found inside the temple structures or under the bridges between them, but there is no truly safe place to take refuge. Crafting armor will take teamwork, but there’s no shortage of shards to collect. Just try to keep the battle quiet, because you’ll risk waking the White Dragon before its ready.

Did you do it? Did you close your eyes and imagine? Wait, you say it’s ridiculous to expect you to close your eyes while reading? I don’t know what you want from me!

New Feature: AI bots!

Ever innovative, the finest blocksmiths and engineers of the Minimum world have joined together to unleash their most fearsome creation yet: autonomous block bots built for bedlam! These fiendish foes can be found throughout TDM and Titan mode maps ready to provide stoic contest against those who would brave the battlefields.

Block bots are capable of crafting armor, farming creeps, collecting powerups and assaulting Titans. They wield a variety of weapons that will continue to grow as we add to and expand their capability in upcoming patches!

New Devices: Proximity Mines and Sticky Grenades

Two brand-new devices are available to lay waste to enemy blockpeople. Proximity mines can be used to set traps and close off critical paths or creep areas from unsuspecting enemies, while stick grenades are ideal for taking out highly armored individual opponents. Provided that your aim is good enough, of course!

Here’s our main weapon designer TJ (aka WeaponTinkerer) to give you his opinion on these new devices:

Sticky: Standard Frag Grenade coated in a sticky substance…ew. With these around it’s important to remember that pat you feel on your back may not be the hearty congratulations you were yearning for.

Proxy: Enemies beware a new fancy device that sticks to most surfaces: walls, floors, doorways, your teammates. You know, the standard stuff. WARNING: Proximity mines are explosives and thus extremely dangerous. Keep out of reach of children (this includes children that are actually just really immature grown men).

Who’s excited to stick their friends with proximity mines? Everyone, right? Right!

Map Revisions: Desert Canyon and Disaster Zone

We’ve made some changes to two of our older maps. For Desert Canyon we wanted to separate the safe spawn locations from the final destination of the enemy Titan. When we originally added the safe spawn containers in one of our first major Early Access updates, we placed them in Desert Canyon knowing that the location was less than ideal due to the map having been designed prior to their development. With lessons learned from Disaster Zone and Path of Lanterns we decided to make some terrain changes to make room for the spawn containers behind the main Titan objective area. This way, players still have a safe place to spawn and enter battle without being able to abuse these areas to make the final Titan assault needless difficult for the enemy team.

For Disaster Zone we tweaked the fog and did a new lighting treatment to brighten the level up as a whole. The old Disaster Zone, while pretty, was far too dark overall and the fog distance punished long range weapons a lot more than was intended. The new fog falls of much farther out, which means that the ranged weapons are much more usable. The brighter lighting makes it easier to pick out targets, particularly in the creep farming areas on the sides.

Updating and revising existing maps is part of our ongoing efforts to polish and improve Minimum based on player feedback. We’ll continue to make changes to them in upcoming patches and updates to make sure we give you the best Minimum experience possible!

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