June Update (50184) release notes!

June 20, 2014

It’s finally here!

The June update marks our first major content update since the quick one we put out for Memorial Day weekend back in May. Although we’ve done many smaller weekly updates in the interim, the June update represents the sort of content we want to release for Minimum as we carry the game through Early Access and toward our eventual full release on Steam. We’re so grateful to all of the players who’ve stuck with us so far and for all of the new ones joining us as part of the Steam summer sale.

With that out of the way, onto the update notes!


New feature: Team Deathmatch Mode!

This has probably been our most requested feature since we originally went live on Early Access and it’s finally here! Unlike Titan mode, TDM focuses purely on kills while keeping most of your favorite unique Minimum features intact. Your weapons still power up during kill streaks and kills still grant materials you can use to craft armor, but now your victory or defeat is based simply on a race to 50 kills.

Since there are no creeps to farm in TDM, shards are placed around the maps to provide material for higher tier armor upgrades. We’re still working out the correct number of shards to place and the right way to adjust armor costs between TDM and Titan mode so the balance won’t be ideal, but it’s already really fun!

Along with the new mode comes two brand-new never seen maps to support it! These are not reworks of our existing Titan maps but are totally new ones designed specifically for TDM mode.

New TDM map: Space Station!


From Minimum’s principle level designer Shane Newton:

Have you ever wanted to play with explosives in a pressurized tube floating in outer space? What about shooting cube men in a near-zero G environment? Hunt space dinosaurs?! Well on Space Station you can do 2 out of 3 of those things!

Space Station is a small Team Deathmatch map split into a normal gravity interior and a low gravity exterior. Force fields are the only way in or out, and although you can freely move through them, weapon fire and devices can’t. Just make sure you’re not sitting next to a force field in case of an explosion – the blast still carries through!

SPA01_03 SPA01_02




New TDM map: Courtyard!


Once again, the incomparable Shane Newton:

Some kind of mysterious, catastrophic event has leveled this city, and two factions must wage war for control of the once Utopian Courtyard.

The spacious courtyard makes for good sniper practice, but there is plenty of cover for the smart close-combat specialist to utilize. Players can control the upper catwalks in an attempt to dictate the flow of the match, but then risk leaving the armor shards to the enemy team.

Whatever the event was, one thing’s for certain – it had absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs.

CIT01_02 CIT01_01

New armor sets: Samurai and Disaster!

I’ll let our talented artist Jeff LaChance handle these ones.

Every year, millions of cubes are affected by proxy battles, Titans and creep conquest. Cubes face the danger of injury, loss of their cube homes and possible de-cubing! That’s why Disaster Rescue Cubes are armed to the cubed teeth and ready to extend a hand to anyone not on the red team.


Block sword red

Pale cube face

Polygon parts everywhere

Order restored

This is the way of the Samurai

Major Titan mode changes:

We’ve made a bunch of significant adjustments to the way core game systems work in Titan mode. The goal in all of these is straightfoward: to ensure that players have solid, satisfying rounds of Titan mode that best communicate and highlight its unique features. Many of the changes are aimed at reducing the largest causes of uncontrollable snowballing while making the moment to moment combat more satisfying by increasing kill times.

We also made a number of quality-of-life changes and improvements to make systems like armor crafting more usable and more understandable, both for new and old players. We’re not done with this area in particular – there’s a ton more work to be done on the in-match crafting interface. But the improvements we’ve made should help make things clearer and more fun in the interim.

  • [User Interface] You can now craft armor while dead and waiting to respawn.
  • [Game Balance] Your team’s Titan power now reset to 1 at the end of each Titan round. The goal here was to reduce the instances of inevitable runaway victories in favor of focusing more on individual rounds. Falling behind in creep farm in early rounds should less frequently result in an unrecoverable gap.
  • [Game Balance] Damaging Titans will occasionally cause them to spawn shards.
  • [Game Balance] Your primary weapon now slowly powers up over the course of the match. Each successive Titan round increases the default power level of primary weapons by 1 (up to a cap of 3).
  • [Game Balance] Power levels 4 and 5 now require multiple powerups in order to level. Levels 2 and 3 are unchanged.
  • [Game Balance] Your weapons slowly lose power levels over time, requiring additional powerups to be collected in order to maintain your level.
  • [Game Balance] Death streaks (that is, successive deaths without a kill, assist, creep farm or Titan attack) will eventually spawn you with pre-powered weapons.
  • [Game Balance] Joining an in-progress match will start you with additional crafting materials that scale with match duration.
  • [Game Balance] Armor costs and stats have been adjusted. This is an experiment that we’re trying out and we’ve already got some other approaches to this change being developed internally, so expect us to keep messing with this for the immediate future.
  • [Game Balance] When the difference in Titan power between two opposing Titans is 6 or more, the Titan with less power will hit first. We refer to this as the “pity hit” system.

Weapon balance changes:

The primary goal here is to bring up the time to kill (TTK) across the board in Minimum. We want to make sure that players can experience fun tactical battles that allow them time to outplay someone who gets the drop on them. Early on in Minimum the differential between level 5 and level 1 weapons was so large that most level 5 weapons could nearly one-shot an unsuspecting player. There’s nothing particularly fun about being destroyed by someone you probably never saw, and so we want to make sure that ambushing someone gives you a large but not completely insurmountable advantage.

  • Bullet Hell – Reduced damage at all power levels for the main bullet stream (but not outer streams).
  • Pickup Hell – Damage lowered at all power levels and on all streams.
  • Speedy/Dash Shotguns – Damages reduced at all power levels.
  • Auto Shotgun – Damage reduced at all power levels. However, accuracy of the alt-fire has been increased significantly.
  • Taser Shotgun – Damage reduced at all power levels. Size and duration of the secondary ability’s AoE has been reduced. Further tweaks to the Taser’s slow effects will be coming in subsequent patches.
  • Plasma Launcher – Damage reduced at levels 1 – 3.
  • Double Launcher – Damage reduced at levels 1 – 3.
  • Grenade Launcher – Damage reduced at all power levels.
  • All Katanas – Damage reduced at level 2 – 4. Quickfire, Inferno and Titan Katanas have had their AoE burst damage lowered.
  • Sniper rifles and Mini launcher are unchanged. Auto-sniper will have recoil reduction in an upcoming patch.

Weapon Tinkerer has a Google document that goes into the more nitty gritty details of the number changes that he’ll share on the forums.

Other changes:

  • [User Interface] Added a new HUD element showing the currently bound crafting key. Key will also blink to help remind players when they have enough materials to craft new armor.
  • [User Interface] Enemy players are now rendered with red skins to help differentiate them. This skin can be covered by armor, and though most armors show enough to remain identifiable some (such as Major Tom) do not and will be addressed separately in future patches.


  • Fixed instances where stacked slows could make it impossible to move.
  • Fixed player turrets not taking damage from the AoE component of explosive weapons.
  • Fixed (FINALLY) a bug where armor crafting would sometimes fail to activate correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Titans to not activate after spawning.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause Titans to fall through the floor.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in junk text showing on the Workshop crafting menu.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally resulted in player stats (including exp) being reset or not updating properly
  • Fixed a bug where the auto-balancer was not correctly considering skill when adjusting teams. This meant it really only kept numbers balanced in most cases.
  • Fixed a bug where the weight for keeping friends together was much too high for the auto-balancer.

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