New update 50360 rolling out now!

September 12, 2014

We’re rolling out a hotfix build to address our current matchmaking issues. This build also includes a number of additional fixes that should improve stability and performance for many of our users. We’ll be continuing to work on matchmaking fixes in particular and will roll out additional updates in the next few days. You might be disconnected from your match as we begin to take down old servers and replace them with ones running our new build.

Thank you so much for all of your patience and understanding as we work through the trials and tribulations of this explosion in players!


  • [Matchmaking] Made some temporary adjustments to improve regional matchmaking under heavy load. Matches should now be found much more quickly (or at all, in some cases!)
  • [Steam Wallet] Fixed an error where Steam was trying to use an incorrect payment provider, causing users to be unable to purchase skins.
  • [UI] Fixed an error where incorrect unlocking conditions were presented for certain devices.
  • [Stability] Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause a crash during map rotation when voice chat was being used.
  • [Stability] Disabled an unused Scene Capture function that could cause crashes under certain circumstances.
  • [Stability] Fixed an issue where stat caching could cause crashes during map rotation.
  • [Performance] Adjusted the LOD system to reduce instances of framerate spikes on low end hardware.
  • [AI] Fixed an issue where bots using hitscan weapons were not able to deal damage.


  • [Tutorial] Added improvements to the tutorial map to better explain weapon leveling and armor crafting.

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