Our end of Early Access update has arrived!

September 10, 2014

At long last Minimum is ready to leave the quiet comfort of Early Access and set forth into the brave world of full Steam games! Update 4.0 brings a bunch of new features and a ton of polish improvements to the same Minimum game you guys have shown so much love to over the past few months. We’re really proud of what we’ve put together and we think that you, the players, should be too. Without your help we wouldn’t have been able to create the Minimum that stands before you today, and for that you have our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

Most importantly, this is not the end for Minimum’s polish and improvement! We’ve got plenty more plans for bug fixing, content polishing and new features that we hope to reveal to you guys in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. And now, on to the patch notes!


New TDM Map: Altar of the Ancients!

Our first jungle-themed map! We’re quite excited to bring this new look to Minimum and continue to push the boundaries of what our unique visual style can do. As with Path of Lanterns, our goal here was to explore and expand the environments that Minimum encompases while continuing to find the balance between great looking details and a minimalist approach. We think Altar of the Ancients hits that mark really well. Here’s level designer Shane Newton to tell you a little more about it:

Altar of the Ancients is a TDM map set deep in the heart of a lush, uncharted jungle. The twisting corridors of this temple are home to a cult who worship Titans and the old ways.

The Ancient Titan Statue has witnessed many sacrifices in the past, and will witness many more to come. Many an explorer have been lured to the labyrinthine temple only to be cut down, their rended blocks offered as sacrifice. Fight for your life, or you too may find yourself imperiled before the great altar!


New Game Type: Horde Mode!

All your favorite armor crafting, weapon leveling, block-busting fun now packed into a 5-player co-op mode. Take a break from the rigors of PvP and gather your friends or join with others to fight your way through waves of samurai, astronauts, snipers and other fiendish block foes (SUCH AS DINOSAURS!) on some of your favorite Minimum maps. Defend points and survive as long as you can!

New Intro Tutorial: Titan Mode

We love Titan mode, and we know you do too, but it can be a complex and intimidating beast for newcomers. Fear no longer! We’ve engineered a brand-new tutorial experience that introduces new players to the core concepts and complexities of Titan mode to better prepare them for the rigors of our unique brand of arena action. The tutorial introduces Titans, defensive walls, creeps, crafting materials and weapon powerups to make sure our new fans are ready to hit the ground running.

New Weapons: Beam Rifle and Bounce Rifle!

Two awesome new weapons have joined the fray! The Beam Rifle fires a continuous blast of devastating energy as its primary fire, while adding a directable burst of damage from its alternate fire. Ideal for dishing out damage at long ranges and against larger, more stationary targets like Titans.

The Bounce Rifle, on the other hand, is a chaotic weapon that creates deadly encounters in closed quarters. Each shot ricochets off the surrounding environment, and given the high fire rate of the weapon it can turn any corridor or cave into a light show sure to put a stop to your enemies!

Weapon and armor skins!

Do you love the Bullet Hell but wish it fired rainbow bullets? Maybe you think the Auto Shotgun should look more like an old blunderbuss. Perhaps you love low-gravity jumps you get by crafting the Major Tom armor but your heart lies with the ocean, rather than in space. All this, and more, can be yours with cosmetics skins!

Minimum players now have the option to purchase cosmetic skins for their favorite weapons and armor. What’s more, these skins are also tradable via your Steam inventory! Even cooler, weapon skins function just like weapon schematics in that you can craft additional copies of a skinned weapon, which you can trade to friends or strangers alike!

Steam trading and trading cards (SOON)!

Free trade for all! Minimum now supports the Steam Inventory and Trading systems! Have a copy of the coveted Retro Bullet Hell schematic and want to craft some copies to give to your friends? Now you can! What’s more, Minimum items can be traded for any other items that support the Steam Inventory, so you’re not just limited to trading for other Minimum stuff.

Steam trading will be enabled a little bit later in the update cycle. Stay tuned!

We’ve also created a beautiful new set of Steam trading cards for your enjoyment. Check out the first reveal of our official names for the various Titans and creeps you’ll find in the Minimum universe, and then trade those cards with your friends to collect all of Minimum’s awesome badges!

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