Patch notes for weekly build 70392

October 2, 2014

This is another build focused on stability and bug fixing. A lot of the improvements are behind the scenes sorts of stuff that should improve the experience for everyone (though not being as sexy as new features). Though all our builds will continue to include additional fixes, we’re getting closer to the release of some new content as well that we’ll be teasing for you in a blog post later this week.

You may also have noticed that the version number for this build jumped significantly – this is an internal tracking matter and doesn’t represent any radical change in the game itself. We shifted our build numbers around to make it easier to keep our staging test builds separated from our stable release builds.


  • [Crashes] Updated some map assets to fix physics-related crashes.
  • [Crashes/Optimization] Fixed a number of physics errors that could cause slowdowns or, in the worst cases, crashes.
  • [Disconnections] Improved the way client authorization tokens are handled to keep them from timing out.
  • [Matchmaking] Changed our use of Steam’s filters to improve matchmaking response times.
  • [Crashes] Fix for an infinite recursion bug that could sometimes occur on servers.


  • [Horde Mode] Clamped scaling on horde mode rewards to keep them from going out of whack.
  • [Skins] Added shell ejection FX to the Bullet Hell’s AK skin.
  • [Metrics] Improved data collection to help track down cheaters and bugs.
  • [Zen Garden] Fixed some statues that were missing (had collision but were not showing up visually).
  • [LAN] Added initial support for local LAN matches to clients and servers. This is not exposed to players yet, but will be later!
  • [UI] Fixed incorrect icon alignment for many armor blueprint icons.

Regarding the rubberbanding that often shows up when players disconnect from a match, we do not have a fix for that in this build but we are actively investigating and working on it – it’s currently our top priority fix. We’ll keep you posted on that and may release an additional hotfix build if we get it sorted out quickly.

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