Patch notes for weekly build 70400

October 9, 2014

More bug fixes and optimizations! We’re continuing to release our weekly fix updates to improve the Minimum experience while we work in parallel on cool new content for our upcoming October content patch.


  • [Tutorial] Fixed broken AI pathing so that bots will properly spawn in the tutorial map.
  • [UGC] Updated our Steam content tool to better reflect actual UGC requirements.
  • [UI] Fixed incorrect name for Golden Creep in mission objective list.
  • [Metrics] Removed a bug where empty packets were being sent, unnecessarily increasing network traffic.
  • [Metrics] Fixed a bug where metrics weren’t being flushed when a player was disconnected. This will help us track down remaining disconnection errors!
  • [Stats] Major optimizations to the way we record players stats like KDA, wins/losses, etc.
  • [Latency] Fixed the rubberbanding that could occur when a player disconnected from a game server.
  • [Frontend] Fixed a bug where transaction IDs were duplicated which could cause crafting attempts to fail.


  • [Matchmaking] Game servers now have better region reporting capabilities which will allow us to further improve matchmaking and server browsing.
  • [Skins] Added new SFX to the Beamer katana skins.
  • [Balance] Increased the damage on proximity mines.
  • [Balance] Increase the accuracy on the dash shotgun to match that of the speedy shotgun.
  • [Balance] Horde mode wave difficulty adjusted to have a much less steep increase.
  • [Balance] Increased the drop rate of pickups in Horde mode.

We also have some other balance tweaks coming that didn’t make it into this week’s build, primarily an adjustment to the Olympian armor set that will make other helmets relevant again!

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