All this crafting and collecting is ultimately in service to one core goal: defeating the enemy team in Titan Mode!

Titan Mode is our core objective-focused game mode. Played in a 5v5 team environment, Titan Mode combines elements of popular MOBA (multi-player online battle arena)-style games (creep farming, lanes and items) with the fast-paced and visceral nature of old-school shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake. Each match has a number of objectives to achieve:

  • Powering up your team’s Titan via creep farming
  • Escorting and defending your Titan as it attempts to breach the enemy’s defenses
  • Crafting new armor and structures to improve the effectiveness of yourself and your team
  • Leveling up your weapons via kill streaks and Power-Ups
  • Attacking the enemy Titan directly to defend your base or assist your own Titan

Although the core objectives of Titan Mode matches stay consistent, each map puts a different spin on the situation to create unique strategies and approaches to teamwork. Some maps provide a number of alternate approaches via high or low routes, while some have extra static defenses to defeat, while others feature more exposed creep nests and farming areas to increase your risks.

The goal of Titan Mode is to bring a fresh set of objectives and team strategies to the time honored tradition of arcade style shooters. Whether you’re a fan of MOBA (multi-player online battle arena) games or a dedicated shooter player we’re sure you’ll find something to love!